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Teaching and Education

English Teacher Salary in Japan

How Much Does an English Teacher Make in Japan?

JET? Dispatch? Eikaiwa? University? Knowing which organizations in the English teaching industry in Japan offer the best pay and benefits can help you make the right decision.

By 11 min read


Tips for Managing Disruptive Behavior in English Classes

Have students who just make a mess of your lessons? Here’s how you can modify or change the bad behavior.

By 4 min read 1


Teaching at International Schools in Japan: How I Added the IB Certificate to My Resume

Here’s what I learned from earning certification in a global education program and how it boosted my professional development.

By 4 min read 3


Tips for New English Teachers and ALTs in Japan

Here's what to expect and how to approach your fellow teachers and your students, to be part of the school community in no time.

By 4 min read


5 Positive Classroom Discipline Tips for Teaching in Japan

A patient approach to classroom management for English teachers.

By 4 min read


6 Jobs in Japan that Will Put a ‘Spring’ in Your Step

From solar panels to cloud services and storyboards to test questions, we’ve covered air and ground for you in this month’s cool jobs list!

By 5 min read


Beating the Graduation Blues in 2021

Kids won’t get the graduation ceremony they deserve this year. What can we, as teachers, do to help them finish school on a high?

By 7 min read


6 Types of Eikaiwa Students and How to Handle Them

Tips and tricks for English conversation teachers to keep their confidence in the classroom.

By 8 min read 2


Japan Ranked Best Study Abroad Destination in Asia

Yeah, we know, studying in Japan is awesome.

By 2 min read


A Day in the Life of a Frustrated Eikaiwa Teacher

I'm (not) fine, thank you. And you?

By 5 min read


How Will Japan’s New “Equal Pay” Law Affect ALTs?

This April, many Assistant Language Teachers will have a very different contract. Here are the pros and cons.

By 6 min read


Types of ALT That Teach English in Japan

Which one are you?

By 3 min read