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Why Isn’t Japan as Tech Savvy as It Should Be?

Despite your favorite films and anime, Japan isn't the high-tech future world you think it is.

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Seven Bank to Introduce Facial Recognition to its ATMs

Purikura-esque filters and stickers as-yet unannounced.

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Japan and AI: A Match Made in Artificial Heaven

It's a happy coincidence that the Japanese word for love and affection is “ai” given the nation’s wholehearted embrace of artificial intelligence.

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The Joys of the Shinkansen

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Nintendo Enters The Mobile Area With Miitomo

Nintendo's first mobile app shows a familiar side to the company, but perhaps not the one many were expecting.

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Global Game On Video Games Exhibition reaches Tokyo

Over two million visitors worldwide have played at Game On since the exhibition first opened in the UK back in 2002.

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Change the world at Japan’s first ever Cleanweb Hackathon

Interested in founding a startup, looking to develop an idea or want to know more about the Cleanweb movement and how you can make a difference? Japan’s first ever bilingual Cleanweb Hackathon is coming to Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Monster Hunter Cross Twitch Live Stream

Monster Hunter Cross makes its big debut on GaijinPot on November 28th!

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Is the Force still strong with the PS4?

Will you buy a PS4 this year or next year? Or never?

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Video Games: The Age of the Remake

Is it time for the video game industry to follow the movie industry and start pumping out remakes?

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Shenmue Revival Breaks Kickstarter Website

You know your game is popular when your Kickstarter campaign crashes their website.

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