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Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Playing Doubles: How Naomi Osaka and Japan Are Coming to Terms with Each Other

She's a wildly successful athlete honing her talent and a burgeoning political voice, but is she the people's superstar?

By 6 min read


How to Watch The 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan in 2021

There won't be many spectators this year, but you can still catch the Olympics online or on TV.

By 2 min read


Tokyo 2020 Olympics Postponed due to COVID-19: Where Do we go From Here?

With coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide, The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held off for a year. Where does this leave travelers who already planned their trip to Japan?

By 5 min read


Tweet of the Week #71: Iconic Anime Akira Predicted 2020 Olympic Game Turmoils

#中止だ中止, meaning "just cancel it," is officially trending on Japanese Twitter. Woah.

By 2 min read