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Shinkansen and Mount Fuji Japan

Is the Japan Rail Pass Worth It?

Given the recent price hike should you still get a Japan Rail Pass for your next trip to Japan?

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Narita or Haneda: Which airport should I fly into?

We compare Tokyo’s two airports, Haneda and Narita, to help you decide which one best suits your travel needs.

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Explore Sumo and Edo Culture on a Sumida River Walking Tour

Explore old and new Tokyo with this unique experience on the Sumida River that embraces tradition, culture and sumo.

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Japan’s Worst Tourist Traps and Where to Go Instead

Some of the most famous destinations in Japan aren’t as great as advertised, but a better option might be just around the corner.

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5 Spots in Osaka Every Photographer Should Know

Aiming to get that perfect shot while in Osaka but don’t know where to start? Check out these popular photo spots.

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5 Embarrassing Stories of Tourists in Japan

From eyebrow-raising antics to dumb crimes, here are five news stories showcasing foreigners' absurd and embarrassing moments in Japan.

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48 Hours in Iya Valley

A guide through the breathtaking sights of Western Tokushima’s untouched Iya Valley

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Dine Like a Local: 5 Tips for Eating Out in Japan

To make the most of your dining experience, we've put together essential tips for eating at a restaurant in Japan—whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler.

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Culture Shock 101: Expect the Unexpected on Your Japan Trip

A first trip to Japan can be filled with all sorts of surprises! Here’s what to expect to avoid problems and stay respectful.

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How to Save Money While Traveling Around Japan

Simple ways to reduce travel costs using cards and points schemes.

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Japan Travel 101: Your First Trip in 2023

How to plan for your first trip to Japan

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