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Tattoo friendly onsen in Kansai

10 Tattoo-Friendly Onsen in Kansai

Got tattoos? Worry not. Here is a list of tattoo-friendly onsen in Kansai that will allow you and your ink to enjoy their baths

By 5 min read


Overtourism in Japan and What It Means for Visitors

Tourism has brought many benefits to Japan, but the recent influx of tourists has caused the government and local authorities to introduce new measures to address overtourism.

By 6 min read


Is the Japan Rail Pass Worth It?

Given the recent price hike should you still get a Japan Rail Pass for your next trip to Japan?

By 4 min read 6


Narita or Haneda: Which airport should I fly into?

We compare Tokyo’s two airports, Haneda and Narita, to help you decide which one best suits your travel needs.

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Explore Sumo and Edo Culture on a Sumida River Walking Tour

Explore old and new Tokyo with this unique experience on the Sumida River that embraces tradition, culture and sumo.

By 6 min read


Japan’s Worst Tourist Traps and Where to Go Instead

Some of the most famous destinations in Japan aren’t as great as advertised, but a better option might be just around the corner.

By 5 min read


5 Spots in Osaka Every Photographer Should Know

Aiming to get that perfect shot while in Osaka but don’t know where to start? Check out these popular photo spots.

By 5 min read


5 Embarrassing Stories of Tourists in Japan

From eyebrow-raising antics to dumb crimes, here are five news stories showcasing foreigners' absurd and embarrassing moments in Japan.

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48 Hours in Iya Valley

A guide through the breathtaking sights of Western Tokushima’s untouched Iya Valley

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Dine Like a Local: 5 Tips for Eating Out in Japan

To make the most of your dining experience, we've put together essential tips for eating at a restaurant in Japan—whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler.

By 5 min read


Culture Shock 101: Expect the Unexpected on Your Japan Trip

A first trip to Japan can be filled with all sorts of surprises! Here’s what to expect to avoid problems and stay respectful.

By 4 min read


How to Save Money While Traveling Around Japan

Simple ways to reduce travel costs using cards and points schemes.

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