How to Self Sponsor Your Work Visa

Want to be a freelancer in Japan or work in the gig economy? Here's how to navigate the process from one part-timer's perspective.

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Japan’s Attempt to Ease Strict Entry Bans for Foreign Residents Too Little, Too Late

Foreign residents of Japan have been left stranded overseas for months as the country closed its borders over COVID-19.

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Earning Extra Income for English Teachers in Japan

How can English teachers make some extra money and what types of jobs are available?

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Visa Basics: Instructor Versus Specialist in Humanities and International Services

GaijinPot investigates two common types of visas for teachers in Japan that cause the most confusion.

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Finding Out About Incorporation Experts in Japan

The following is the brief description of the services offered by each legal specialist.

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What You Need to Know About Japanese Visa Professionals

Learn about the different lawyers you will need to secure a visa in Japan.

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