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Japanese To Prepare for a Job Interview

You Should Learn These Basic Japanese Job Interview Questions

Don’t get caught off guard at the interview. Prepare, practice, perform!

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A Day in the Life of a Frustrated Eikaiwa Teacher

I'm (not) fine, thank you. And you?

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The 4 Types of Remote Workers in Japan

Why shower when you can just roll over onto the floor and start working? Hell, why even leave the bed?

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What are ALTs’ Rights During the Coronavirus School Closures in Japan?

Assistant Language Teachers are still entitled to a percentage of their pay if their schools are closed during the shutdown.

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How Will Japan’s New “Equal Pay” Law Affect ALTs?

This April, many Assistant Language Teachers will have a very different contract. Here are the pros and cons.

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7 Weird Questions Female ALTs Get Asked While Teaching English in Japan

Yes, I have a boyfriend Shota-kun. No, I will not marry you, Shota-kun!

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Top Jobs in Japan You Can Apply to From Overseas – Week 39, 2019

Patissier, 2D game illustrator, math teacher and digital marketing consultant among our top picks for this week.



Netflix’s Aggretsuko: Why It’s So Relatable for Women in Japan

Sometimes death metal karaoke is the only stress relief for navigating Japan’s gender inequality.

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Top Jobs in Japan You Can Apply to from Overseas – Week 23, 2019

Dream of living in Japan? These companies are willing to sponsor your visa and make that dream a reality.


This Is What It's Like to Tour Inside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone