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Terrace House Announces New Series in Tokyo Debuting this May on Netflix

They’re bringing it back to the capital and are already accepting applications.

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In the final episode, no sooner than the panelists on Terrace House waved the audience goodbye, the next series was announced in a chalk-written message on the communal blackboard.

The Japanese reality show from Netflix and Fuji TV has captured audiences worldwide with its unique insight into the lives of six young people who move in together and pursue their dreams and love interests, along with commentary by a panel of hilarious comedians and celebrities who discuss the show’s developments.

This latest series, Terrace House: Opening New Doors, was set in the woodsy, ski resort town of Karuizawa. Highlights of the 49 episodes included a heartwarming love story between an ice hockey captain and an aspiring model and welcoming the first openly LGBTQ+ member of the show. It also generated heated debate around questions of consent. But at the end of the 14-month-long series, it was time to say goodbye to Karuizawa and tease the setting for the next series: Tokyo.

On the official Twitter account, the maker’s of Terrace House revealed more details about the new series—including the title—to eager fans.

The tweet reads:

“The setting for our next series will be Tokyo!
In the year 2020, in the city that has the whole world’s attention, the unscripted and youthful days of six young men and women will begin again.
TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO 2019-2020 airs May 2019 on @NetflixJP!

This tweet has garnered much attention in Japan and abroad, with 15,000 combined likes and retweets since it was published on Monday.

Multilingual replies on Twitter have shown excitement for the new series, with many Twitter users interested in applying to be on the show themselves.

Will there be another “Meat Incident?”

@botsucom above writes, “I’m hoping for a Meat Incident Part 2,” referencing the last Terrace House series that was set in Tokyo where a member had an emotional breakdown over his roommates eating high-grade beef he left in the fridge.

Other than the possibility of another “Meat Incident,” another exciting prospect is the timeline. Since the new series starts in May 2019, if it airs for 14 months like Terrace House: Opening New Doors then it will overlap with the Rugby World Cup and end just before the Olympics. Perhaps world-class athletes —maybe even some familiar faces?— will join the house giving us mere mortals a peek into their lives and dreams of Olympic gold.

Applications to be on the show are now open

Terrace House has already opened applications for the next series on their official website. According to the form, they are looking for participants over 18 years old who can cohabitate well with others. The questions they ask resemble what the housemates typically ask newcomers on the show, such as, “Why do you want to be a member on Terrace House?” “Do you drink?” and of course, “What’s your type?”

Stay tuned for any further updates on Terrace House: Tokyo. In the meantime, you can watch this Valentine’s Day special interview in which Noah and Seina discuss why they joined the show, their infamous kisses, and Seina-inspired cocktails.

UPDATE (05/07): The first episode of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-20 will air on Netflix Japan on May 14 according to the official Terrace House Twitter account. WE CAN’T WAIT.

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