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‘The GaijinPot Cast’: A New Podcast by Foreigners Living in Japan

The team at GaijinPot share their experiences and thoughts about life in Japan on 'The GaijinPot Cast'—now available!

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GaijinPot has launched an all-new podcast: The GaijinPot Cast. The team has dropped their first two episodes, discussing how best to learn Japanese while living in Japan and how the experience has affected their lives here in this new podcast by foreigners for foreigners living in Japan.

Becoming Fluent in Japanese

In the first episode of The GaijinPot Cast, the team talks about how they learned Japanese, what level they’re at now and how getting to that level benefits their lives in Japan. They also discuss how they got there.

How to Really Enjoy Living in Japan

For The GaijinPot Cast’s latest episode, they talk about how learning Japanese empowered them to live with confidence in Japan—and how you can, too!

The GaijinPot Cast presents real-life experiences and issues faced by short- and long-term residents of Japan. It’s produced by us—the team here at GaijinPot.com, the No. 1 resource for finding apartments, jobs, schools and information on living your best life as a global resident of Japan.

Do you have any feedback? You can send The GaijinPot Cast a message on Instagram (@gaijinpot), contact them at podcast@gaijinpot.com or leave a comment below!

The GaijinPot Cast is available now on:

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