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The GaijinPot Cast: Switching From English Teaching to IT

The GaijinPot Cast returns with foreigners discussing their experience with changing careers from English teaching to IT.

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GaijinPot Cast is back with another insightful episode, delving into the experiences and challenges expatriates living in Japan face. In this latest installment, the team shifts the spotlight toward switching from an English teaching job to an information technology (IT) career within Japan.

Part 1: From English Teaching to IT

Do you want to change careers?

The episode starts with a delve into the guest’s journey to Japan and their foray into English teaching. Through insightful anecdotes, listeners gain valuable insights. How do you start a career in Japan? What are the first steps to secure a teaching position?

However, the conversation soon turned to IT as guest share their decision to transition from English teaching to IT. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, they shed light on the factors that motivated this career change and the challenges they encountered.

Part 2: Japanese Ability and IT

The team explores whether Japanese proficiency is necessary for IT professionals in Japan, examining the nuances and exceptions within different IT job roles.

The GaijinPot Cast

The GaijinPot Cast presents real-life experiences and issues faced by Japan’s short- and long-term residents. It is produced by the team at GaijinPot, Japan’s best resource for apartments, jobs, schools and information on living your best life as a resident of Japan.

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