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These Tweets Show the Havoc Wreaked on Tokyo by Typhoon Faxai Yesterday

Posts tagged #台風15号 (Typhoon No.15) looked like something out of a disaster movie.

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When Typhoon Faxai made landfall in the Kanto region in the late hours of Sunday into Monday morning, record-breaking winds and extremely heavy rain tore through Tokyo leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Aside from the damage to infrastructure, as well as injuries caused by flying debris, hundreds of thousands of commuters were caught up in rush-hour chaos.

Of course, the whole show was documented on Japan’s favorite social media platform, Twitter, where users shared their experience of the typhoon and its unnerving aftermath with the hashtag #台風15号 (Typhoon No. 15).

While some fared worse than others (losing your entire ceiling can’t be fun), you could count on tweeters to make the best of a bad situation with dad jokes, projection mapping, and some pretty meme-able photos.

Unagi’s Delivery Service

One Twitter user found an eel—who’d obviously been on quite the journey–in their garden the next morning. Obviously, that was clear evidence of their magical powers (Kiki is the main character in the 1989 Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service魔女まじょ宅急便たっきゅうびん in Japanese).




= I’m Kiki the Witch! Here’s an eel in our garden after Typhoon Faxai has passed!!! … An eel?! Where are you from…???!

Raise the roof

This person lost their entire ceiling.

#台風15号 かぜおさまってきたから2階にかい天井てんじょうったら完全かんぜんに天井がんでた

= After the wind died down, I went to check the ceiling on the second floor. It was completely gone.”

Wanna see my tub?

This person on Twitter found themselves with a new sink jacuzzi.

ねえぇもういやなんだけど #台風15号

= Blegh, I have had enough… 

An oyaji gag come to life

This person saw an opportunity to make a bad dad joke. The words 布団ふとん, “futon” (a.k.a. mattress) and んで, “futtonde” (to be blown away) have a similar sound but a different meaning.


= The futon has been blown away!!!

Domino’s dominos

Well, somebody had to say it…



= This is what you call a real domino effect…  (I pray that there’s no damage)

The Evil That Men Do

This Twitter user decided to use the extreme winds to his advantage. 



= Blown loose by the typhoon, the protective sheet from the next building was too noisy, so I projected some Iron Maiden and things got really, really exciting! 

Seibu, you nutters

With the typhoon incoming, Tokyo’s train companies announced on Sunday that they would suspend services Monday morning.

Well, most of them did.



= JR: “Let’s stop all the lines”
Keikyu: “That’s impossible”
Keio: “Horrible”
Keisei: “Chiba’s going to be hit directly (cry)”
Odakyu: “Can’t imagine what it’s going to be like tomorrow”
Tokyu: “Crap”
Tobu: “I wonder if we can start running from 6 a.m.…”
The others: “?!”

Um, is this the line for platform 1?

All of the cancellations meant that going to work on Monday morning involved having to join a queue to get there. Tsunashima Station in Kanagawa Prefecture was one of the worst affected, with lines going outside of the station, around the block, and probably all the way back to the commuters’ own beds (where they should have stayed).



= No waaaaaaaay! 
That’s the line for the nearest station…
Tsunashima station on the Toyoko Line


= This is the line to enter Tsudanuma Station

Ohayo goza—

Despite the canceled trains, this Twitter user below managed to get to work. But, unfortunately, had nowhere to sit when they got there.


= Looking at my destroyed company while eating my lunch box. 

Typhoon Faxai has now decreased in intensity and moved away from Japan. For more information, check the Japan Meteorological Agency website.

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