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This Week in Tokyo For December 14 – 20

Every Monday we post our picks of upcoming events in Tokyo. If you would like your event listed here, contact the editor of GaijinPot.

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It’s that time of year, again. We hope you’ve pre-ordered your KFC and generic Christmas cake. If you’re doing something fun or interesting, be sure to leave us a comment or email us to have your event listed.

ARK Animal Adoption

Animal Rescue Kansai is a wonderful organization that finds new homes for stray, abandoned, and abused animals. You can meet and play with some of the wonderful animals of Tokyo ARK this Sunday. Even if you can’t foster an animal, the dogs and cats would love to see you!

When & Where
Sunday, Dec. 20th
13:00 - 16:00
Pet Spa, 1-28-7 Shakujiimachi, Nerima
More Info

Gishi Sai Festival

If you’re a fan of Japanese literature or cinema, you should be well versed in the story of the 47 ronin, fighting to avenge their former master. Their story is honored every December 14th by a procession at the Sengakuji Temple during the Gishi Sai festival.

When & Where
Monday, Dec. 14th
19:00 - 21:00
Sengaku-ji Temple, 2-11-1, Takanawa, Minato
More Info

Setagaya Boro-ichi Flea Market

Tis the Season of giving and giving means getting as well. Get all your interesting stocking Stuffers and trinkets a market that has a 436 year history in Tokyo. The Boro-ichi fair runs for 2 days in December and 2 days in January.

When & Where
Dec. 15th and 16th, Jan. 15th and 16th
09:00 - 20:00
Boro-ichi Dori, Setagaya 1-chome, Setagaya
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Tokyo Comedy Store presents New Material Night

Want to hear some new comedy? See some improv? Try out a few jokes on your own? Head out to the “hip and cool” Double Tall Cafe as the Tokyo Comedy Store puts on their New Material Night. The pros at the Tokyo Comedy Store will put on free show, and you can join in if you’ve got some material worth sharing (just contact them ahead of time).

When & Where
Tuesday, Dec. 15th
20:00 - 22:00
Double Tall Cafe, Shibuya East Side Building 2F, 3-12-24 Shibuya
Free with drink or food purchase
More Info

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finally, the wait is over! The long-awaited continuation of Star Wars saga is here. Will it live up to the hype, or will fans be left as disappointed as they were after The Phantom Menace? At the very least, the non-stop Star Wars advertising blitz will be coming to an end.

When & Where
Friday, Dec. 18th
More Info

Sake Festival

Sake consumption and production in Japan is dropping. Do your part to save this important piece of Japanese culture, by downing some delicious sake at this Saturday’s Sake fest.

When & Where
Saturday, Dec. 19th
12:00 - 14:15, 15:00 - 17:15
Nippon Television Tower, Ooyane-hiroba, 1-6-1 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato
More Info

Xmas Cosplayer and Photography Party

Enjoying cosplaying? Enjoy taking pictures of cosplayers? Want to meet some cool otaku friends? Check out this cosplay party this Saturday. You can bring your own costume, or use one at the studio. Drinks and snacks are included.

When & Where
Saturday, Dec. 19th
18:00 - 22:00
Cosplay Studio Crown 5F of East-B Building Sasage, 2-4-6 Sotokanda
More Info

Flau Records Pop Up Shop

Independent dreampop and chill music label Flau is hosting a limited pop up shop, just in time for the holidays. You can pick up exclusive CDs, T-Shirts, and books for all your hip friends.

When & Where
Until Dec. 27th
12:00 - 20:00, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
FALL Gallery, 3-13-15-1F Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku
More Info

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Tokyo Dome City’s illumination prides itself on being Tokyo’s most romantic light show, hence why it’s running until Valentine’s Day. Besides thousands of lights and the occasional live show, there’s a special Microsoft Kinect display that lets you control the illumination with your body.

When & Where
Until February 14th
16:00 - 25:00
Tokyo Dome City, 1-33 Hongo, Bunkyo
More Info

HOLYCHILD Live at Unit

Fresh off of a stellar performance at this year’s Fuji Rock festival, HOLYCHILD were booked for a solo gig this Wednesday at UNIT. Liz and Louie were kind enough to talk to us about their Fuji Rock experience, Aqua, and the best and worst of 2015. Enjoy.

When & Where
Wednesday, Dec. 16th
18:00 open, 19:00 start
Unit, Za House Buil. 1-34-17 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya
More Info
Fresh off of a stellar performance at this year’s Fuji Rock festival, HOLYCHILD were booked for a solo gig this Wednesday at UNIT. Liz and Louie were kind enough to talk to us about their Fuji Rock experience, Aqua, and the best and worst of 2015. Enjoy.

On Fuji Rock:

Liz: Fuji Rock was really inspiring. I fell in love with Japan I was there. Everyone was really nice and the show was run really well. It was really amazing. It was just so much fun!

Louis: It was a life changing experience for me. It was the biggest show we’ve ever played. The reception just almost brought us to tears. It was intense. It was the highlight of my life so far.

Liz: The lineup for the whole show was really good to.

Louis: We listened to GLIM SPANKY, who were unbelievable. And toe were really good.

On their show this week:

Liz: It still feels pretty unbelievable [that we got to play in Japan]. We spent a bit of time in Tokyo; the people, the fashion, everything was just so interesting. It’s very special that we have a chance to come back, I’m so excited. This will be our last show of 2015 so it’s going to be a celebration for us too.

Louie: We have a cover song that we’re doing that’s really fun. “Lolllipop” by Aqua. It’s going to be so much to play for a Japanese audience; they seem to dig what we do in general.

Liz: When you’re on a festival it’s just short and sweet, so it’s nice to do a headline show where you have more time to explore more emotions with the audience.

On Underappreciated 90’s pop act Aqua:

Louie: It was Liz’s first album, so it goes way back for Liz. They’re one of the few pop acts that are doing over-the-top, absurdist, ironic pop music. It’s definitely a natural fit, lyrically and sonically. Our favorite covers are when other bands do their own arrangement. It’s a 21st century interpretation of the song. Bringing up to date a little bit, adding some new rhythms.

Liz: They were ahead of their time, or maybe not marketed right. When I listen back, obviously they were so sarcastic but I didn’t get that when I was 8 and listening to it. Their melodies and their songs are so strong, but maybe they were too subtle with their sarcastic.

Best Album of 2015:

Liz: Jerk at the end of the Line by Only Real
Louis: Blood by Lianne La Havas or Currents by Tama Impala

Best Film:

Louis: The Italian film Human Capital.

Liz: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I saw it for the first time on the flight going to Japan.

Worst of 2015:

Liz: Hashtags, in general. They’re not cool.

Louis: The complete of the American political process that has firmly established itself. It’s allowed corporate American to just own the political process. Fear and greed has increased a lot. That’s been a bummer.

Liz: Police brutality towards black Americans. Also, climate change!

Louis: Lack of gun reform. We could go on! But we’re optimistic things can get better.


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