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The Japanese Tokyo Dog Experience

Fans of the Coney Island hot dog might want to stay clear of these creations. Tokyo Dog serves some decidedly Japanese style hot dogs in Tokyo Station.

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New York may have its legions of hot dog stands, but Japan has Tokyo Dog, a charming hot dog vendor located deep inside Tokyo Station. Intrigued by Tokyo Dog’s stated mission to “create hot dogs that will appeal to Japanese taste,” I stopped by one morning before work, because who doesn’t love a hotdog at 8:00 in the morning.

Tokyo Dog is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., so whether you are heading off to a far away destination on the first shinkansen or stumbling home from a nomikai, they will be there for you.

Getting to Tokyo Dog

The most difficult part about Tokyo Dog wasn’t figuring out what exactly was on the hot dogs, but rather how to get to the restaurant. The easiest way to get to Tokyo Dog is to enter Tokyo Station through the Marunouchi Central Gate ticket gates and then head left. Near a large sign that says “North Court” you’ll find a brightly-lit food court that has a sushi restaurant, a patisserie, and, of course, Tokyo Dog.

Tokyo Dog’s Unusual Hot Dog Selections

Once I finally found Tokyo Dog, I was dazzled by the glass case full of familiar and not-so-familiar varieties of hot dogs. I eventually settled on the kara-age (fried chicken) hot dog. The deciding factor was the fact that the bun of the kara-age hot dog was stamped with Japanese characters meaning “Tokyo Station.” A sticker on the take-out bag gently reminds the customer to eat the hot dog the day it was bought.

Many other hot dogs beckoned, but my stomach wasn’t up for the challenge of a chocolate banana hot dog so early in the morning. I pressed my face up against the glass and whispered my promise to come back for it. The BLT hot dog, shrimp and avocado hot dog, and tuna egg dog looked on jealously.

Tokyo Dog

Price of the Tokyo Dog Hot Dogs

The hot dogs themselves ranged in price from convenience-store cheap to slightly-pricey. The whipped cream and custard hot dog at 250 yen was the cheapest. In the other corner, the grilled camembert cheese hot dog was the most expensive, at 490 yen. My kara-age dog, which cost 390 yen, was somewhere in the middle. I passed on the combo deal, but could have gotten Pepsi, ginger ale, orange juice, or iced or regular coffee for an additional 150 yen.

The Gransta food court has some small chairs and tables, so I sat down for a while to savor my hot dog. The kara-age dog was topped with fresh mayo and lettuce, and the fried chicken underneath was light on the grease. The “Tokyo Station” bun was substantial, holding the whole hot dog together well.

If you’re in the Tokyo Station area, I highly recommend dropping by Tokyo Dog for a quick bite and to see if they have any of their seasonal hot dogs. Sakura season isn’t too far away so anyone wondering what a cherry blossom hot dog would taste like won’t need to wait too long.

Tokyo Dog

Location: 1st floor of Tokyo Station in the Gransta North Court, near Marunouchi Central Gate (inside ticket gates, to the left)
Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., open all week
Telephone: 03-3217-4144
Average set price: 470 yen (hot dog + drink)
Tokyo Dog Gransta Dining Official Site [in Japanese]

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  • Vulcanoctus Al-Abass says:

    That is not a hot-dog, that is a failed abortion. If you want a real hot dog you go to the states and go to a baseball game and get one at a concession stand. And I’m not talking about some little league crap I’m talking about a legit baseball game in a stadium.

  • Edmunster says:

    Can’t wait to taste this april.



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