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Tokyo’s Beauty Billboard Top 10: RanKing RanQueen

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With so many beauty-girl products on the shelves, it’s easy for the foreign lady to get her brain scrambled trying to figure out what’s what. Apparently, the same applies to the local girls—hence the ranking of the bestest in beauty at RanKing RanQueen. (See what they did there? With the pun? Silly Japan…).

Kita-Senju location, near the Tobu line (next to Starbucks)

RanKing RanQueen is a station chain that carries the latest and most popular in beauty, music, books, fitness gadgets, gifts. snacks, and candy, with everything ranked according to popularity. These crowd-sourced recommendations are then ranked to determine which products hit the top three list. They label the top sellers in order of popularity, so if you want to try what hot with the cool girls or pick up something new with a little less mystery, RKRQ is worth a spin.

Clockwise from bottom: 1) top shelf beauty contest 2) lavender hair in five minutes  3) #2 ranked rose candy (delicious, BTW)

Here are a couple things I really dig.

photo (60)

Ranked #1 Egg White Soap: This Swedish bar soap has been a longtime favorite of the Nordic ladies, and it’s a hit for the shoppers at RKRQ. Made with rosewater, lanolin, and egg whites, it tightens pores and leaves your face squeaky clean. It’s great for oily skin, but not sure if I’d recommend it for dry skin, or skin that dries out in cold weather.

Sana Pore Puttu

Ranked #2 Keana Pate Pore Putty You see BBs everywhere in Japan, and this one has been a longtime obsession among JP beauty fangirls in the States (it also goes under the name Sana.). Creates a super soft base for foundation and evens you out without adding color. Perfect if you’re the type who doesn’t like to wear a lot of makeup.

There are a handful of RanKing RanQueen shops in a few of the major stations (Azamino, Shinjuku, Jiyūgaoka Station, Namba, and Kita-Senju) as well as locations in Yokohama. You can check them out online here.


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