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Top 5 Luxurious Japanese Cosmetics at Bargain Prices

Japan is home to some of the world’s best skincare and beauty products, many of which can be found easily at everyday chain stores and conbini.

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Japan is home to some of the world’s best skincare and beauty products, many of which can be found easily at everyday chain stores and konbini (convenience stores) across Tokyo—even giant electronics retail outlets like Bic Camera—at very reasonable prices. Indulge in these five best-selling Japanese cosmetics to rejuvenate your skin and reinvigorate your regular makeup routine—without emptying your wallet.

1. Clarity Boost


Kanebo’s Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is a star beauty product, with a serious cult following. A package costs ¥2,000 and includes 32 pods. Each powder pod contains a combination of gentle enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and a number of ingredients like tofu extract and royal jelly to brighten the skin. Use two to three times per week to really boost your complexion’s hydration and clarity by removing dead skin cells.

2. Milky Clean


One of the most beloved beauty basics in Japan, Cow Beauty Soap (¥80) has been contributing to the glamorous complexion of Japanese women’s skin for over a century. Found in every drugstore in Japan, this jasmine-scented soap is free of any artificial chemicals and contains milk, milk-fat and squalane moisturizer, the ideal ingredients for a soft, rich lather. Perfect for sensitive skin and suitable for face and body use alike.

3. Face Fix


The AquaLabel White Up Lotion R (¥1,500) toner by Shiseido contains exclusive whitening and hydrating ingredients for clearing up dead skin cells and uneven skin tones caused by sun exposure. It has a high moisturizing effect and helps to enhance the skin’s elasticity. Apply after cleansing for a smooth and transparent result.

4. Immortal Lashes


A Japanese cosmetics bestseller, the Mote Mascara Long (¥1,800) by Flowfushi nourishes lashes and delivers the dazzling look of long, fan-shaped eyelashes in a thick, natural black. The mascara has a clever curved brush with short bristles on one side and long ones on the other. Designed to fit tightly at the base of the the lashes, the brush separates each lash and doesn’t clump. As an added bit of cool, this product is also a play on words––Mote Mascara sounds like motemasu kara, meaning “because I’m popular.” And after the Mote Mascara has helped you stand out all day, you can easily remove it with warm water.

5. Powder Puff


If you’ve ever wished that your skin was as smooth and soft as a marshmallow, then try this ultra-cute base make-up by Canmake. The Marshmallow Finish Powder (¥940) contains multiple natural extracts including olive and jojoba oil, aloe vera leaf and rosemary extracts that help conceal pores and hide any unevenness in your complexion. Available in three variations––ochre, beige ochre and light ochre for all skin types.


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  • Vvvv says:

    Hi! Im from the philippines, do you know about the cow beauty soap? Is it effective? Is it really the number 1 soap there in japan? Thanks! Would like to whiten my skin



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