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Tweet of the Week #118: 5 Easy Chocolate Recipes For Valentine’s Day

Learn Japanese vocabulary for cooking and baking.

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In contrast to the West, Valentine’s Day is when women in Japan buy or make chocolate for the men in social circles. There are even different levels of chocolate:

  • Honmei choco: “true feeling” chocolates for boyfriends and husbands
  • Giri choco: “obligatory chocolates” for coworkers
  • Tomo-choco: “friend chocolate” for friends (girls included)

Whether for your significant other or your best friend, celebrate the day of love with some dreamy chocolate recipes brought to us by Japanese Twitter. And if you don’t like chocolate, check out these weird Japanese Valentine’s gifts.

Microwaved gateau chocolate cake




“I think I’m a genius. I’ve improved it over seven tries and got fat, but I’ll feel better if you try it.

【Microwaved gateau chocolate cake】

An authentic chocolate cake that doesn’t feel like it’s made from pancake mix and baking powder. By freezing the egg whites, you can whip them into a foam by hand in three minutes. Moreover, even a small amount of foamy egg white is enough since the fluffiness doesn’t disappear before the microwave oven finishes heating the cake.”

Easy as 1-2-3




③ ①にしお少々しょうしょう(あれば。泡が安定あんていします)をくわえて泡立て②に加える

“In a 15.6 cm square Ziploc container

  1. Separate two eggs whites into a bowl and put them in the freezer for one hour
  2. Add 70g of unsalted butter and two cut up bars of chocolate (100g) in a heat-resistant bowl and microwave it for one minute without wrap. Mix in order: sugar, two tablespoons of milk and the egg yolk.
  3. Add a little salt to [step 1] (the foam will be stable) and whip the mix with [the ingredients from step 2].



“4. After mixing to some extent, strain two tablespoons of cake flour through a tea strainer or a colander and sift it little by little (because it tends to get lumpy), mix it thoroughly and pour it into a mold with an oven sheet.

5. Microwave for about four minutes without wrap (It is best if the surface is a little wet. If there’s some unbaked part, wipe it off). Once it has cooled down a bit, round it tightly with both hands and cool it in the refrigerator.”

That is one delicious looking cake. Of course, not everyone is a cake fan. Here’s a quick extra crunchy chocolate bar recipe for when you’re feeling lazy, but still would like to munch on some homemade chocolate

2. Homemade crunch bar







“What about this for Valentine?

‘Extra crunchy chocolate bar’

① Heat two tablespoons of butter with eight marshmallows on low heat until melted
② Stop the fire and add chopped bitter chocolate and let it melt
③ Add 300g of chocolate crispy [cereal], mix and pour into a bat with parchment paper.
④ Let it cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then cut!”

Pretty good, but how about this take on a chocolate sandwich made with Lotus biscuits?

Chocolate Lotus sandwich



“Chocolate sandwich made with Lotus biscuits.

Only three ingredients:

  • Lotus biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • Fresh cream

Wouldn’t they look super cute when wrapped?




Chocolate: 300g
Fresh cream: 150ml
25 Lotus cookies (one pack)


1. Put fresh cream in a small pot, warm until just before boiling and turn off the heat.
2. Add the broken chocolate and melt it.
3. Pour the chocolate into a mold with baking paper and cool it.
4. After it solidifies, cut it into Lotus-sized cookies and make a sandwich.

Easy chocolate chips cookies





“Five ingredients. Just mix and bake. Easy!

Nice at home cafe [chocolate chunk cookie]

You can make it without butter.

Mix 200g of pancake mix, 1.5 tbsp of sugar, three tbsp of SOYBIO soymilk yogurts, 2.5 tbsp oil and 50g of chocolate. Divide into six equal parts, make a thick (3mm) round shape, line them on the baking tray and bake them in a 180c preheated oven for about 15 minutes.”

Japanese vocabulary for cooking and baking

Gotta’ do the cookin’ by the book.

Words that have to do with the kitchen are great conversation starters!


Japanese Romaji English
材料ざいりょう zairyou ingredient
ホットケーキミックス hotto keeki mikkusu pancake mix
(BP) ベーキングパウダー beekingu paudaa baking powder
卵白らんぱく ranpaku egg white
卵黄らんお rano egg yolk
たまご tamago egg
無塩むえんバター muen bataa unsalted butter
いたチョコ ita chyoko chocolate tablet
砂糖さとう satou sugar
牛乳ぎゅうにゅう gyuunyuu milk
しお shio salt
薄力粉はくりきこ hakurikiko cake flour
マシュマロ mashyumaro marshmallow
ビターチョコ bitaa chyoko bitter chocolate
チョコクリスピー chyokokurisupii chocolate crispy
なまクリーム nama kuriimu fresh cream
ロータスクッキー rootasukukkii Lotus biscuit
大豆だいず daizu soybean
豆乳とうにゅうヨーグルト tounyuuyooguruto soy yogurt
yu oil


Japanese Romaji English
冷凍れいとうする reitou suru freeze
泡立あわだ awadatsu foam, bubble
加熱かねつする kanetsu suru heat
ふくらむ fukuramu rise (bread, dough…)
ける wakeru separate
ireru put in
こおらせる kooraseru freeze, frost
チンする chin suru microwave something
ぜる mazeru mix
くわえる kuwaeru add
ふるい入れる furuiireru sift
ダマになる dama ni naru become clumpy
なが nagasu pour (into)
やす hiyasu cool, refrigerate
かす tokasu melt
きざ kizamu chop
カットする kaato suru cut
火をめる hi wo tomeru stop the fire
かたまる katamaru harden, solidify
yaku bake
予熱よねつする yonetsu suru preheat
等分とうぶんする toubun suru divide equally

Baking tools and other key words

Japanese Romaji English
レンジ renji microwave oven
ガトーショコラ gatoo shyokora chocolate cake
手動しゅどう shyudou manually, by hand
ボウル bouru bowl
冷凍庫れいとうこ reitouko freezer
耐熱たいねつボウル tainetsu bouru heat resistant bowl
ラップ rappu food, plastic wrap
じゅん jyun ni in order
茶漉ちゃこ chyakoshi tea strainer
ザル zaru colander
oobunyou shiito
baking paper
かた kata mold
なま nama raw
粗熱あらねつ aranetsu the heat of food just after cooking
ryoute de with both hand
なべ nabe pot
おおさじ oosaji tablespoon
極弱火ごくよわび gokuyowabi low fire
hi fire
バット baato shallow tray
冷蔵庫れいぞうこ reizouko fridge
小鍋こなべ konabe small pot
沸騰ふっと直前ちょくぜんまで futtochyokuzen made until just before boiling
あらもの araimono dishes to be washed
丸型まるがた marugata round shape
天板てんばん tenban baking tray


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