Tweet of the Week #126: Top 2021 Cherry Blossom Tweets

Check out these beautiful sakura pictures from around Japan.

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The long-awaited sakura (cherry blossom) season has come and gone in a flash in most parts of Japan. Only the northern region is still experiencing the pink wave around this time. Cherry blossoms bloomed and peaked earlier than ever recorded.

Unfortunately, people around the world couldn’t enjoy it due to the ongoing pandemic. Even in Japan, folks couldn’t enjoy hanami without putting themselves and others at risk.

Below are some of the best sakura pictures taken this year. They include the three-century-old cherry tree named Ushinshiro no Miwume Zakura in Shizuoka, Okayama’s Daigo Sakura with a trunk circumference over seven meters, Kyoto’s famous Gion Shirakawa street, Shiga Prefecture’s Mii-dera Buddhist Temple and a solitary but gorgeous shot from Iwate.

Okayama’s Daigo Sakura


“Daigo-Sakura and the Milky Way.”

Kyoto’s Shirakawa Street



“Gion Shirakawa really shows us the best part of cherry blossoms at night.”

Shimada’s tea plantation




“Today is ‘Sakura Day.’

Look at my favorite cherry blossom.”

Shiga’s cherry blossom temple


“The moon viewing stage of the Mii-Dera, the head temple of Tendai’s Jimon sect, is incredible! It’s an explosion of cherry blossom everywhere inside this narrow cultural property designated by the prefecture. The circumstances make it difficult to travel around, but at least [you can view them] in a photo!”

Iwate’s Koiwai Farm


“One cherry tree at Koiwai Farm (Iwate)”

Vocabulary for cherry blossoms

The Meguro River attracts tens of thousands of people every year.

Here is a beautiful Japanese idiom to remind us of the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms:

  • 三日みっかさくら
    Literally, “cherry blossoms after three days.” The idiom means a situation in which things evolve very quickly, very much like sakura bloom and fall in the blink of an eye.

Are you a cherry blossom lover? Study this quick vocabulary list so you can know what to talk about next season!

Japanese Romaji English
桜前線さくらぜんせん sakura zensen The cherry blossom front
開花前線かいかぜんせん kaika zen Flower blossom front
満開まんかい mankai Full bloom
朝桜あさざくら asazakura The view of cherry flowers’ in the morning dew
夜桜よざくら yozakura Viewing cherry blossoms at night
花霞はながすみ hanagasumi Hazy blossom with cherry flowers appearing like a blurred mist
花吹雪はなふぶき hanafubuki Cherry blossom falling like a snowstorm with the wind
桜雨さくらあめ sakura ame Rain during the cherry blossom season, which scatters the blossoms away
花散はなちらしのあめになる hanashirashi no ame ni naru Start raining and scattering the blossoms away
花筏はないかだ hanaikada Flower petals on the water
葉桜はざくら hazakura Fresh green leaves of a cherry tree whose blossom has gone, sign the cherry blossom season has ended

More vocabulary

Japanese Romaji English
あまがわ ama no gawa Milky Way
圧巻あっかん akkan The best part, the highlight of
だそうです da sou desu It seems
一番いちばん ichiban sukin Favorite
観月舞台みづきぶたい mizuki butai Moon viewing stage
とんでもないことになる tondemonai koto ni naru Become an incredible thing (most often used negatively to refer to something terrible or trouble)
文化財ぶんかざい bunkawai Cultural Property of Japan



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