Tweet of the Week #134: Student Asking For Milk Told ‘Go to Kindergarten’

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The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on all of us. But the effects are devastating for students living in dormitories. In Japan, students under quarantine due to the state of emergency have little freedom to go out and about.

At one prestigious boarding medical school, the Jichi Medical University in Tokyo, over 700 students living on school grounds are under stringent measures. Recently, five positive coronavirus cases led the entire school to go under a two-week lockdown. Students can only leave their room once a day for a quick shower.

Food rations are delivered only in the morning and consist of a bento meal, cup noodles, some bread and rice balls. Unable to venture outside for groceries, a student asked the dormitory administrator for milk and yogurt. Instead, the university emailed all students that unless they require milk and yogurt to live, they should grow up.

Got milk?




“Jichi Medical University students are locked up lol.

Why don’t they at least give them milk and yogurt since the students are refraining from going out?

It’s not like they’re charging cheap tuition.”

Go back to Kindergarten

Milk is for mature adults only apparently.

Instead of milk and yogurt, the student received a somewhat passive-aggressive response.

The email the students received said:

  • さきほど「牛乳とヨーグルトがしい」と学生課がくせいか連絡れんらくした学生へ”
    “To the student who called the student affairs office earlier to say they want milk and yogurt.”
  • 病気びょうきによりこのようなもの摂取せっしゅする必要ひつようがあるのであれば、そのむねあらためて連絡れんらくください。
    “If your medical condition requires you to consume such food, please contact us again.
  • そうでなければ、自治医学を退学たいがくして幼稚園ようちえんくことをつよすすめます。
    “Otherwise, we strongly recommend withdrawing from Jichi Medical University and going to kindergarten.”

The news of the milk-deprived students quickly spread on social media, leading to review bombs and heavy criticism. However, the student affairs office didn’t budge. Their representative declared that they must be tough on students as a medical school.

Expressing ‘want’ with 欲しい

Gyunyu to yoguruto ga hoshīdesu!

Whenever you want something, like a popular game or a new book from your favorite author, you use 欲しい. This adjective translates the verb “to want” and can only be used to express your own desire—not someone else’s. The phrase 欲しい also works with the particle が.

Whenever you want something concrete (an object), 欲しい is written with its kanji 欲. However, in other grammatical expressions, the adjective is written in hiragana only (ほしい).

Here are a few variations to help you get started with your practice:

  • 牛乳とヨーグルトが欲しいです: “I want milk and yogurt.”
  • この人気にんきなゲームが欲しいです: “I want that popular game.”
  • あたらしいパソコンが欲しいです: “I want a new computer.”
  • テレビが欲しかったです: “I wanted a TV.”
  • 味噌みそラーメンが欲しかったですが、れでした: “I wanted miso ramen, but it was sold out.”


Japanese Romaji English
医学生いがくせい igakusei Medical student
監禁かんきんされる kankin sareru Be locked up, be confined
大人おとなしく otonashiku Obediently
自粛じしゅくする jishyuku suru Restraining oneself (in this context: from going out)
支給しきゅうする shikyuu suru Provide
学費がくひ gakuhi Tuition
学生課がくせいか gakuseika Student affairs office
摂取せっしゅする sesshu suru Take in (food), consume
そのむね sono mune That effect
あらためて aratamete Again
退学たいがくする taigaku suru Withdraw
幼稚園ようちえん youchien Kindergarten



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