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For pet owners all around the world, the struggle to simply call in sick and stay cozy at home cuddling your beloved ball of fur is real. How can you resist those adorable googly eyes, their cry for hugs and games? You just can’t. But the reality is that you must feed said tiny companion and keep a roof over their furry ears. So out of the house you go.

Doan go out, stay wif me

When @mohu_movie, a Japanese twitter account dedicated to spreading adorable animal videos, shared this heart-melting Insta moment from Pooky the Munchkin it was cuteness overload.


可愛すぎ =

My cat senses when I’m about to go out and stops me from leaving…

It’s just too cute

When fate intervenes

The expression ようとしてる (〜ようとする) is great to add some twist and suspense when you are telling a story in Japanese. You’ll be able to describe what you attempted to do when another action or event occured.

The classic textbook example would be:

電車に乗ろうとしたらドアが閉まりました。= The train doors closed just when I was about to get on.

You’ll conjugate the verb into the volitional form, which indicates that you’re set out to do something, to which you’ll add とする.

  • Verb + volitional form + to suru

ようとしてる (〜ようとする) can also be used to describe that a change is about to occur (start of a change, end of a change) as in: 

  • 試合が始まろうとしている = the game is about to start
  • もうすぐこうとしている = the flowers are about to bloom

You can spot this nuance with the frequent words that go with the verb to end (わる) and to start (始まる) as well as time adverbs: これから (now, from now), にも and もうすぐ (soon).


Japanese Romaji English
出掛 でかける dekakeru to go out
さっする sassuru to sense, to guess
められる tomerareru to be stopped
可愛 かわいすぎ kawai sugi too cute
電車 でんしゃ densha train
noru to get on
まる shimaru to close
試合 しあい shiai game
はじまる hajimaru to start
はな hana flower
saku to bloom
owaru to end
これから korekara now, from now
いまにも imanimo soon
もうすぐ mousugu soon

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