Tweet of the Week #141: Brace Yourself, Summer is Coming

It's getting hot in Japan so stay hydrated out there!

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In Japan, summer heat comes quickly after tsuyu. One day, the weather is unbearably humid, and the next, scorching heat makes you dread going outside. Daily small talk almost always starts with someone saying あついですね (“it’s hot, isn’t it”) as if stating the obvious helped. But summer in Japan is no joke. Heatstroke is a real threat.

Thus, whenever days are expected to get really hot in Japan and the risk of heatstroke rises, the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a 熱中症ねっちゅうしょう警戒けいかいアラート (heatstroke alert). Some cities even broadcast a warning announcement over a speaker system (防災ぼうさい無線むせん) in the morning, urging people to avoid going outside as much as possible, especially not exercising.

The warning also encourages people to turn on their A.C. However, some people would rather risk visiting the hospital (or worse) instead of spending extra money running the air conditioner. Here is NoradJapan to remind us a hospital visit could be a lot more expensive.

Bite the electricity bill



“A comparison of electricity bills after leaving on the air conditioner and hospitalization cost due to heatstroke.”

Water is free


“Hydration is an even cheaper heatstroke prevention method.”

Heatstroke vocab in Japanese

If the heat is making you or a friend unwell, knowing how to talk about symptoms could be key.

Japanese Romaji English
脱水だっすい症状しょうじょう dassuishoujou Dehydration
めまい memai Dizziness
だるい darui Lethargic
気絶きぜつする kizetsu suru Faint
倒れたおれ taoreru Pass out
頭痛ずつう zutsuu Headache
ねつ netsu Fever
hakike Nausea
腹痛ふくつう fukutsuu Stomachache
食欲不振しょくよくふしん shokuyokufushin No appetite
食欲しょくよくがない shokuyoku ga nai No appetite
haku Throw up
頻拍ひんぱく hinpaku Tachycardia
意識いしき消失しょうしつ ishiki shoushitsu Unconsciousness
あせをかく ase o kaku Sweat

Additional vocabulary

Japanese Romaji English
熱中症ねっちゅうしょう警戒けいかいアラート necchuushou keikai araato Heatstroke alert
防災ぼうさい無線むせん bousai musen Emergency radio system
電気代でんきだい denkidai Electricity bill
niyuuinhi Hospitalization cost
比較ひかく hikaku Compare
予防よぼうする yobousuru Prevent
水分すいぶん補給ほきゅう suibunhokyuu Hydration

Struggling with the heat? Find some relief with our guide of essential products for surviving Japanese summer.



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