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Tweet of the Week #143: Nostalgic Japanese Summer

Summer has finally arrived in Japan. Check out some of these cool nostalgic posts making buzz on Twitter.

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In Japan, August gets really hot. But the month also brings long vacations and clear blue skies with fluffy clouds. The month is rhythmed by cicada songs. For Japanese, summer always brings a sense of nostalgia and childhood memories of carefree times.

For foreigners, too, summer in Japan offers some of the best experiences the country has to offer: beautiful sceneries, beaches, classic drinks, festivals and more. For example, taking a break in one of Japan’s many kissaten and enjoying cold brew coffee during a humid afternoon.

Kakigori (shaved iced) is another popular summer with flavors such as melon, strawberry or matcha. People will add condensed milk when they want to get really decadent. Kakigori is the perfect treat to cool yourself off on a hot summer day.

Here are some of our favorite nostalgic summer tweets from Japan Twitter.

Blue sky and sunflower fields



“Summer nostalgia is back.”

Fireworks all summer long


“I miss fireworks festivals in summer.”

Summer festivals


“I found out that Meguro Fudoson in Meguro (Fudomae) has a monthly fair on the 28th of every month, so I went there for a relaxing stroll and enjoyed the nostalgic summer festival-like atmosphere.”




“A photo from a couple of years ago.

At the time, I was taking pictures of models, not myself. It brings back memories.

I haven’t been to a summer festival since then.”

Sunset at the beach



“I saw a very beautiful sunset.

I somehow started feeling nostalgic, thinking ‘this is summertime.'”

Iconic ramune soda


“I haven’t seen glass bottles of ramune in a while.
I was happy to find it at the supermarket on my way out.
The taste was nostalgic.”

Cooling off with iced coffee


“Iced coffee brings back summer memories.”

Japan’s beloved kakigori


“Don’t you think yukata and shaved ice are the best?”


Japanese Romaji English
なつかしい natsukashii Miss (something), feeling nostalgic, fond memory
かえってくる kaette kuru Return, come back
花火はなび大会たいかい hanabi taikai Fireworks display
恒例こうれい kourei Custom, usual, regular practice
縁日えんにち ennichi Temple festival
夏祭なつまつ natsu matsuri Summer festival
雰囲気ふんいき funiki Atmosphere
息抜いきぬ ikinuki Have a rest, take a breather
これ以来いらい kore irai Since…
夕日ゆうひ yuhi Sunset
気持きもちになる kimochi ni naru Start feeling
ガラスびん garasu bin Glass bottle
みかける mikakeru See, find, notice
おも omoide Memory

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