Tweet of the Week #146: Japanese Dad Realized He Came to Work with Toy Laptop

This dad didn't think his kid's prank was very funny.

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Ever arrived at work to realize you didn’t have your work laptop with you? Well, that’s the situation @zenryoku_tochan (‘Full Time Fatherhood’) experienced earlier this month. But, in his defense, some mischievous hands were involved!

Instead of his regular laptop, dad discovered a Sumikko Gurashi PC sold by Sega Toys—a child’s laptop for games and school studies. We’re not sure if his kids were playing a prank or were trying to be helpful. The Sega Toys Twitter account suggested he pick up their latest model, and Sega’s official account joked about Sumikko Gurashi PC being a cute distraction for difficult meetings. 

Although he was angry at first, after receiving so many heartwarming comments, dad cooled off and said he wouldn’t scold his kids about it anymore.

Someone’s in trouble




“I arrived at work and fell to my knees.

I’ll be attending today’s meeting on this computer.

Daughters, dad has something important to tell you this evening.”

Check out our latest model


“When you have that important talk with your daughters, [if it doesn’t have a remote function and camera] please tell them about our latest model.”

When the meeting is deadly


“This ‘Sumikko Gurashi PC’ series is so cute that I think it will have a soothing effect even when the meeting is deadly.”

He cheered up





“I cheered up because I made you all laugh.

I’m currently limited in liking and following. I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comments.

Please retweet, or whatever, and let everyone laugh at my child’s prank.

I’ve made up my mind to stop scolding my child after seeing your responses.”

Japanese ‘knee’ idioms

When this father came to the office, he “fell to his knees” when he realized he didn’t have his work laptop. The Japanese language has several idioms based on knees, so here are a few common ones:

  • ひざまじえる: When you “exchange knees,” you sit intimately with someone to have a heart-to-heart talk.
  • 七重ななえひざ八重やえる: Literally, you fold your knees in “eight,” begging for somebody’s forgiveness on bended knees. A more simple and similar expression is ひざる, to express that you bend your knees (to pray or beg) or bow to someone.
  • ひざとも談合だんごう: “Consult even with your knees,” or the Japanese version of “two heads are better than one.”
  • ひざつ: You hit your knee when you have an epiphany.


Japanese Romaji English
ひざからくずちる hiza kara kuwureochiru Fall to one’s knee (in shock, despair)
出席しゅっせきする shuuseki suru Attend (a meeting)
リモート機能きのう rimooto kinou Remote function
場合ばあいには baai ni ha If
さいしんモデル saishin moderu Latest model
あまりにも amari ni mo Too much, excessive
殺伐さつばつ satsubatsu Savage, brutal
やしをあたえる効果こうか Healing effect
こころめる kokoro ni kimeru Make up one’s mind



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