Tweet of the Week #151: Fast-food Chains and Moon Viewing

Check out all this moon-inspired fast food in Japan!

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Autumn is around the corner, so grab your telescope for a magical moon-viewing (月見つきみ) session. The season’s clear sky is perfect for looking at the stars and maybe even spot a shooting star (流星ながれぼし). Around mid-September, Japanese people celebrate the bountiful harvest by gazing at the bright and beautiful harvest moon (中秋ちゅうしゅう名月めいげつ).

Traditionally, Japanese people eat dango (dumplings made from rice flour), reminiscent of Chinese mooncakes, piled in a pyramid shape as an offering.

Today, fast-food restaurants in Japan never miss an opportunity to play with seasonal events. During the tsukimi (moon-viewing) season, restaurants launch time-limited specialties such as tsukimi burgers, tsukimi bentos and tsukimi pizza. Check out some of them below!

Tsukimi burgers


“My [timeline] is all about McDonald’s tsukimi burger, but Kentucky [Kentucky Fried Chicken] has been serving it since the 1st, and Lotteria will be serving one from tomorrow, on the 9th. I checked other stores and found that Mos [Mos Burger] and Burger King have no special events, and Dom Dom’s time-limited offer is not even about the moon.”

Tsukimi bento










“Finally on sale today!

Three types of #tsukimi bento.

Aromatic grilled chicken, crunchy chicken, meatballs and boiled egg.

The Tsukimi grilled chicken ball on rice.

Roast pork cutlet, rich miso and boiled egg.

The tsukimi leek miso cutlet rice bowl.

Juicy hamburger steak, sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce and fried egg.

The Teritama hamburger steak lunch box.

RT if you want to eat!”

Tsukimi pizza






“Another year, another Domino’s moon viewing!

Here it comes!

This year, we added two new flavors to the lineup, making it the new Tsukimi Quattro! You can enjoy the four different flavors to the fullest.

The legendary annual time-limited pizza.

RT if you want to try it!”

Japanese expressions for ‘looking forward to’

In Japanese folklore, rabbits live on the moon. You’ll often see rabbit-shaped dango during the tsukimi season.

To express how you’re looking forward to enjoying Autumn’s bounty, you can use the easy expression built on the word たのしみ.

  • 楽しみです: I’m looking forward to it!
  • 月見は楽しみです: I’m looking forward to doing moon-viewing.
  • 正月しょうがつは楽しみです: I’m looking forward to the New Year.

You can also use のが with 楽しみ to expression looking forward to ‘doing something.

  • 日本にほん留学りゅうがくするのが楽しみです: I’m looking forward to studying in Japan!
  • 映画えいがるのが楽しみです: I look forward to seeing the movie!

Finally, you can also combine 楽しみ with している (ing form for the verb する), which will sound more formal.

  • 日本に留学するのが楽しみにしています: I’m looking forward to studying in Japan!
  • 映画を見るのが楽しみにしている: I look forward to seeing the movie!


Japanese Romaji English
月見つきみ tsukimi Moon viewing
流星ながれぼし nagareboshi Shooting star
マクド makudo McDonald’s
バーガー baagaa Burger
ケンタッキー kentakkii Kentucky Fried Chicken
ロッテリア rotteria Lotteria
モス mosu Mos Burger
バーガーキング baagaakingu Burger King
ドムドム domudomu Dom Dom Hamburger
期間きかん限定げんてい kikangentei Time-limited



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