Tweet of the Week #152: Cat Tricked Into Going to The Vet

Pets in Japan also hate going to the doctor.

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Like us, our pets are not too excited about a trip to the doctor. But, no matter the treats and cuddles, getting a scared dog or an anxious cat to the veterinarian can take some effort. A trip to the clinic can traumatize them, so you better be clever to get them to go next time.

When @thisistokuzawat’s cat check-up is around the corner, grabbing the pet carrier is enough for their companion to run and hide. But on appointment day, the kitty was already conveniently in a cardboard box. So they ditched the pet carrier and opted to bring the caught off-guard cat in a prison of their very own making.

On Twitter, other users shared their struggle with getting their beloved pets to their check-ups.

Sneaky trick



“Veterinary day!

If my cat catches me getting the pet carrier, he hides, so I felt sorry, but I carried him to the clinic in the cardboard box he happened to be in.”

Fighting until the end





“I’m embarrassed to be using an old leash, but he’s been fighting not to go to the veterinary clinic. He completely stopped moving, so I had to carry him to the hospital. I’ve been on a diet and lost 22kg, and I’ve been praised. I’m so proud of myself! If I don’t work hard, I’ll die from carrying him over 30 meters!”

They know…


“Looks like he remembers that he’s going to the veterinary clinic today.”

Vocabulary for at the veterinarian

Here are a few sentences and vocabulary you should know when you go to the veterinary clinic in Japan.

  • 問診もんしんひょうにご記入きにゅうください: Please fill out the medical questionnaire.
  • 名前なまえばれるまでこちらでおちください: Please wait until the doctor calls your name.
  • すべての検査けんさにOOえん費用ひようがかかります: All the tests will cost OO yen.
  • 午後ごご5時ごじころおむかえにきてください: Please come get him/her at 5 p.m. this afternoon.
Japanese Romaji English
ぬし kainushi Owner
獣医師じゅういし juuishi Veterinarian
miru Examine
いぬ何度なんどもかく inu ga nandomo kaku The dog scratches again and again
ノミ nomi Flea
ダニ dani Tick
発作ほっさ hossa Seizure
嘔吐おうとする outo Vomit
良性りょうせい腫瘍しゅよう ryousei no shuyou Benign tumor
ねこのけんか neko no kenka Catfight
傷口きずぐち kizuguchi Cut
下痢げり geri Diarrhea
おかしな行動こうどうをとるようになる okashina koudou o toru you ni naru Start to behave strangely
避妊ひにん手術しゅじゅつ hininshujutsu Sterilization
去勢きょせい手術しゅじゅつ kyoseishujutsu Castration
去勢きょせいする kyosei suru Neuter
治療ちりょうする chiryou suru Treat
手術しゅじゅつする shujutsu suru Operate
抗生物質こうせいぶっしつ処方しょほうする kouseibusshitsu o shobou suru Prescribe antibiotics

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