Tweet of the Week #153: A Timer-Lock Smartphone Case

We now need technology to keep us away from technology.

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Do you find yourself constantly checking your smartphone? Then, this smartphone case is for you. It comes with a timer lock to keep you away from addictive apps and social media to promote healthy sleep habits.

But if like @love_eminemum, you have a laptop around, then you may just end up bringing your computer to bed. It kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Digital detox

「スマホをはいれたらせなくなるはこ」をったらマジで生活せいかつ一変いっぺんした… おすすめです

“I bought a ‘can’t-take-your-phone-out-once-it’s-in smartphone case,’ and it seriously changed my life… I recommend it.”

Technical katakana differences

Today’s lesson is easy: most words related to the digital world in Japanese are borrowed from English. But learning katakana (the Japanese alphabet for foreign words) can still be tricky. Moreover, katakana actually changes depending on the context.

In standard Japanese, you write borrowed English words ending in “er” (e.g., user), “or” (e.g., elevator), or “ure” (e.g., architecture) with a long vowel sound. E.g., ユーザー, エレベーター, アーキテクチャー.

But move the discussion into the technical field (say an elevator manual) or an industry such as IT or engineering, and the very same words get a “vowel cut.” E.g., ユーザ, エレベータ, アーキテクチャ.

Useful vocabulary

Japanese Romaji English
デジタルデバイス dejitaru debaisu Digital device
デジタルネイティブ dejitaru  neitibu Digital natives
スマートフォン sumaatofon Smartphone
パソコン pasokon Computer
SNSエスエヌエスやす esuenuesu o yasumu Take a break from social media
スマホ sumaho dachi Cut (yourself) off using your smartphone
ネット断ち netto dachi Cut (yourself) off using the internet
IT断食アイティーだんじき aitii danjiku IT fasting (= taking a break from IT)
デジタル機器ききからはなれる dejitaru kiki kara hanareru Stay away from digital devices
デジタルデトックス dejitaru detokkusu Digital detox
ソーシャルデトックス soosharu detokussu Social detox (from social media)
利用りよう控えひかえ riyou o hikaru Refrain from using
ネガティブなニュースで negatibuna nyuusu de ochikomu Get depressed by negative news
利用りようによってこる疲労ひろうやストレス no riyou ni yotte okoru hirou ya sutoresu Fatigue and stress caused by use [of something]



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