Tweet of the Week #156: Won’t Somebody Notice The Portion Size?

This poor tonkatsu chef is doing everything he can for you to notice his portion size.

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Marukatsu, a tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) restaurant in Nara, wanted to please its beloved customers. So the store manager secretly increased the portion of the popular thick-cut loin cutlet. 

The manager was excited, expecting many positive reactions from his kyaku (customers). But after a week and no praise for his generous portion size, he couldn’t take it anymore and found a way to let his customers know: A printed note on his back saying, “Is it just me, or does it seem like the thick-cut loin cutlet has become even thicker?”

Nara’s Marukatsu restaurant is also known for another buzz in 2019, when the store manager started the “Marukatsu Free Diner” program, offering free meals to children from economically disadvantaged families. At the time, they raised funds through crowdfunding.

Notice me, kyaku

お客様 きゃくさまよろこんでくれればと、ひそかに「あつりロースかつ」のサイズをおおきくしてやく1いっ週間しゅうかん。どなたかづいてくれるかなとドキドキしていたのに、だれも気づいてくれないので我慢がまんできなくなった店長てんちょうがついに決行けっこうした作戦さくせんがこちらです。

“It’s been about a week since I secretly increased the size of the ‘thick-cut loin cutlet’ in the hope that it would make customers happy. I was so excited to see if anyone would notice, but since no one did, I couldn’t take it any longer, so my manager finally decided to do something about it.”

“By the way, here is the current ‘thick-cut loin cutlet.'”


Japanese Romaji English
ひそかに hisokani Secretly
ロースかつ roosukatsu Fried pork cutlet
やく1いっ週間しゅうかん yaku isshuukan It’s been one week
どなたか donataka Someone
づいてくれる kidzuite kureru (Someone will) notice
ドキドキする dokidoki suru Being excited
我慢がまんできる gaman dekiru Can resist, can endure
ついに tsuini Finally
決行けっこうする kekkou suru Execute
作戦さくせん sakusen The tactic, strategy (often military)
ちなみに chinamini By the way



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