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Tweet of the Week #166: You Can Only Trust Bodybuilders

Illustrator on Twitter draws the types of people we envy and their insecurities.

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We know it’s bad for us, but we’re often tempted to compare ourselves to others. Should we trust those impressions, though? Are the longed-for attributes we see in others actually curses?

This hilarious illustration introduces a series of types of people we might be envious of and what they say when complimented on those positive traits or good genetics. The illustrator feels that only bodybuilders will actually tell you the truth.

Eye of the beholder

1. The macho man

  • もうマッチョしかしんじられない
  • “I can only trust macho now”

2.  The smart guy

  • あたまがいいひと = あたまくってもいいことないよ
  • Smart person: being smart isn’t everything.

3. The beauty

  • 美人びじん = 可愛かわいくってもいいことないよ
  • Beauty: being pretty doesn’t do you any good.

4. The gamer

  • おとゲーマー = おとゲー上手うまくてもいいことないよ
  • Sound gamer: being a skilled sound gamer isn’t everything.

5. The one with a lot of followers

  • Twitterでまんあかっているひと = フォロワーおおくてもいいことないよ
  • Person with thousands of accounts on Twitter: it’s not always good to have a lot of followers.

6. The rich person

  • 金持かねもち = お金持かねもちでもいいことないよ
  • Rich person: being rich isn’t everything

7. The popular one

  • モテるひと = モテてもいいことないよ
  • Popular person: being popular isn’t everything.

8. The annoying muscles guy

  • マッチョ = きんトレはいいぞ
  • Muscle guy: muscle training is great!

Life is not a bed of roses

The Japanese いいこと (a good thing) ない (negative) with the sentence-ending particle よ helps temper a perspective or bring a new outlook on something or a situation.

In English, it roughly translates to “it isn’t worth it,” or “it isn’t everything,” or “nothing good comes out of…”

Like in the Japanese proverb 人生じんせいはいいことずくめじゃないよ, which translates to “life is not a bed of roses,” or simply put, life isn’t always fun. There is also the expression 欲張よくばってもいいことないよ, or “nothing good comes out of being greedy.”


Japanese Romaji English
もう mou Now
マッチョ maccho Muscular man, hunk
しんじられる shinjirareru Can trust
まんあか manaka Ten thousand of accounts (Internet slang)
モテる moteru Be popular (especially with the opposite gender), well-liked
きんトレ kintore Strength exercising, muscle-building

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