Tweet of the Week #167: Remote Work Ruins Valentine’s Day for Salarymen

A lot of men showed up at the office despite remote work being available. I wonder why?

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In Japan, Valentine’s Day is all about women giving chocolates to men in their lives—boyfriends, family members, schoolmates and work colleagues. But with coronavirus cases on the rise (again) and companies switching to remote work, workplace Valentine’s Day took a different turn.

The tweet below is a joke about how Valentine’s Day took a hit this year. Still, some people noticed a lot more men in the office than usual. Women apparently aren’t interested in gifting chocolate to coworkers when remote work is an option.

Were you expecting chocolates?



“Strangely, the number of male employees at the office is higher than usual today. Lol!

And what’s more impressive, all the women are working from home. Lol!”

Express ‘furthermore’ or ‘moreover’

Sarani waruikoto ni wa ame ga ori dashita.

Time to get new Japanese conjunction under your belt with さらに. This JLPT N3 level phrase is used daily and can translate several nuances. The most common is to express an increase in the degree or stages of a situation.

  • 更に彼女かのじょはきれいになった: And now she’s even prettier.
  • 更に上手じょうずになりました: I’ve gotten even better.
  • 更にわるいことにはあめりだした: To make matters worse, rain began to fall.

更に also indicates something that is being renewed.

A second nuance is a repetition or the addition of what has already been done before.

  • 10ねん月日つきひさらながれた: Ten more years have passed.

Finally, 更に also indicates something that is being renewed.

  • 契約けいやくさら更新こうしんする: I’m going to renew the contract further.


Japanese Romaji English
なんか nanka Somehow, for some reason
出社しゅっしゃする shussha suru Come (go) to the office
男性陣だんせいじん danseijin Men camp (as in a battle formation, or taking a side)
いつもより itsumo yori More than usual
ワロタ warota lol (Internet slang)
女性陣じょせいじん joseijin Women camp (as in a battle formation, or taking a side)
全員ぜんいん zenin All the members of a group
在宅ざいたく勤務きんむ zaitakukinmu Remote working



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