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Tweet of the Week

Learn Japanese with what's going viral in the Twitterverse.

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There isn’t a week that goes by without somebody tweeting some worrisome news about Japan’s aging society and declining population. Add to that recent reports of the steep decline of Japan’s marriage rate for the fifth year in a row and you have a striking portrait of a loveless nation where the only thing people are embracing — aside from Twitter — is loneliness.

FYI, Twitter is Japan’s favorite social media platform boasting more than 45 million users, that’s roughly 35.6% of the entire Japanese population. So is the country’s rejection of romance simply because everyone’s too occupied with sharing their musings in 280 characters or less? Well, actually, it looks like the Twittersphere could end up being the platform to revive the country’s mojo if this week’s viral tweet is anything to go by.

Tweeting for “The One”

Back in 2015, Twitter user @satokichiGT shared his desire to find a bride. Tired of his bachelor status, he jokingly tweeted a matrimonial ad probably thinking it would never work.

よめ募集 ぼしゅう
・20 だい
家事全般得意 かじぜんぱんとくい
・たまに半年居 はんとしいなくても大丈夫 だいじょうぶ
・パート可能 かのう
中肉中背 ちゅうにくちゅうぜい
・U70以下 いかD以上 いじょう
横須賀 よこすかてくれる

Looking for a bride:
・In her 20s
・Great with housework, good with domestic chores
・Is okay with occasionally being apart for half a year
・Can work part-time
・A bit nerdy
・Neither fat nor slim, neither tall nor short, just about the perfect balance
・Breasts measuring max. 70cm, min. D cup or above
・Willing to relocate to Yokosuka
・Has no money

…Except it did actually work!

ツイッターで嫁募集 よめぼしゅうしたら本当 ほんとう よめたので本日結婚 ほんじつ けっこんした。 なにってるのかわから(ry = So I tweeted that I was looking for a bride, and then I really got one! Today we got married. What am I saying…

To silence the most skeptical, he shared a picture of their hands and rings.

ちゃんと相手 あいて生身 なまみです!空気嫁 くうきよめでもテンガでもいっす!= My partner is a real human being! Not a doll, not a Tenga!

A couple of days later, a trending hashtag, #嫁募集ツイートメーカー (#brideapplicationtweetmaker) caught our attention. Mere coincidence or inspired by this thread, we can’t tell, but it seems that you can now create your own ads for a partner with the help of this handy online generator. Lovely.

How to use the Japanese Internet slang「)ry

Have you ever spotted these three characters (ry ending a Japanese sentence and wondered what it means? (ry stands for “ryaku” ( りゃく), from the expression しょう略の略 which literally translates to “standing for an omission.” This expression is roughly equivalent to ellipsis (…) in English.

Here’s how we can break it down:

以下省略いかしょうりゃくりゃく → (ry

Much like the “…” in English, this slang is used to shorten a sentence thus creating a humorous effect.

In the tweet above, @satokichiGT is making a funny reference to a Japanese internet meme taken from the famous manga, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, in which the character is in a great state of confusion.

な・・・ なにっているのかわからねーと おもうか おれも 何をされたのかわからなかった・・・ あたまがどうにかなりそうだった… 催眠術さいみんじゅつだとかちょうスピードだとかそんなチャチなもんじゃあだんじてねえもっと おそろしいものの片鱗へんりん あじわったぜ…

I’m probably not making any sense… I don’t know myself, I have no idea what just happened to me. I’m going crazy… Seems like I’m getting through… No, I doubt it’s something that easy. I just went through something way, way more frightening…


Japanese Romaji English
だい dai age
家事かじ kaji housework
全般 ぜんぱん zenpan generally
得意 とくい tokui strong point
たまに tama ni occasionally
半年はんとし hantoshi half a year
iru to be
大丈夫だいじょうぶ daijoubu okay
パート paato part-time
可能かのう kanou possible
多少たしょう tashou a bit
ヲタ オタ ota nerd, nerdy (short for otaku)
中肉中背 ちゅうにくちゅうぜい chuniku chuzei
average weight and height
以下 いか ika under
以上いじょう ijou above
横須賀よこすか yokosuka Yokosuka (city in Yokohama)
かね kane money
nai not (negative form of “aru”)
ツイッタ— tsuittaa Twitter
よめ yome fiancée
募集ぼしゅう boshou to recruit, to accept applications
本当ほんとう hontou ni really
kuru to come
本日ほんじつ honjitsu today (polite)
結婚けっこんする kekkon suru to marry
なに nani what
iu to tell
わかる wakaru to understand
ネット用語ようご netto yougo Internet slang
おも omou to think
おれ ore I (for men)
する suru to do
あたま atama head
どうにか dounika somehow
です desu copula, “to be”
催眠術きいみんじゅつ saiminjutsu hypnotism
ちょう chou super, exceeding
スピード suupido speed
そんな sonna such
チャチ chachi church
だんじて danjite absolutely
osoroshii horrible, frightful
もの mono thing
片鱗へんりん henrin part
あじわう ajiwau to taste, to experience, to go through

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