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Cooking. It’s an art everyone has to master at one point or another. But on the road to cooking mastery, we’re all bound to have a few, erm, accidents along the way. That’s what we learned on Twitter last week when the hashtag #お料理りょうりヘタクソ選手権せんしゅけん (“Competition for the worst cook”) made it to the top of the list.

Brace yourself, epic pics are coming

Japanese people are quite enthusiastic when it comes to making food look fun. But the scientific complexity of cooking can quickly turn what should have been kawaii (cute) into a monstrous creation.

Slime is the mascot of the Dragon Quest role-playing video game franchise. Here he is fresh out of the oven looking like he’s drunk six pints of sake.

スライムできt…!し、んでる… = I’ve made Slimes… D…Dying…*

OK. These cookies below actually looked pretty good before the passing of time ruined them.

つぎちゃんと成功せいこうしました… = The next day was successful…

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from these terrifying cupcakes.


見本みほんとおりにはいかない = Can’t make it like the model

We can’t even begin to fathom what this hideousness below was supposed to be. Is it a sumo wrestler? What’s with the bacon diaper?

5000年振ねんぶりだな…地球ちきゅう空気くうきうのは…とかいそう = “Breathing in (the earth’s air) for the first time in 5000 years…” I can almost hear him saying…

This person discovered the secret ingredient to their parents’ signature tuna rice dish: a spoon.

がせばいいじゃないんだよ 時代じだいはスプーンも

My folks can enter the competition for the worst cooks, too. Not only the food is burnt, but we’re now facing a new era of tuna rice cooked with spoon…

Last but not least, lots of aspiring chefs should maybe review the basics to avoid burning their kitchen to the ground.

これはえたパスタと突如とつじょ出現しゅつげんしたカルシファー = Pictures of burning pasta and the sudden appearance of Calcifer

Calcifer is the fire demon from the Studio Ghibli movie Howl’s Moving Castle.

How to express following an example or instructions in Japanese

Are recipes really necessary? The debate stands between those who love to improvise and those who’d rather follow the instructions in the cookbook. In Japanese, when you want to express following (or not) an example or instructions you’ve been given, you use the word とお.

You’ll generally translate the expression with “as” or “like” in “do as”, “do like in”.

  • V (casual form) + 通り

さっきわたしった通りにしてください = Please do as I’ve said before

  • Nの + 通り

説明書せつめいしょの通りにつくってください = Please use as instructed in the manual

  • N + 通り

手本てほん通りけない = I can’t write like the model shows (for example when you are writing kanji)

Japanese Romaji English
パイの pai no mi Pie No Mi (a Japanese snack brand)
みたい mitai like
になる ni naru become
予定よてい yotei (a) plan, expected, intended
スライム suraimu Slime (from Dragon Quest)
できる dekiru able (to do something)
shinu die
tsugi no hi next day
ちゃんと chanto precisely, perfectly
成功せいこうする seikou suru succeed
mihon model, sample
とお toori like, as
にはいかない ni ha ikanai cannot, doesn’t happen (~as planned, as suggested)
X年振ねんぶ nenburi for the first time in X years…
地球ちきゅう chikyuu Earth
空気くうき kuuki air
吸う suu breath
iu say
わたし watashi I
おや oya parents
エントリー entorii entry
げるげるげる kogeru burn
時代じだい jidai era
スプーン supuun spoon
一緒いっしょ isshoni together
takikomu cook something with rice
シーチキン shiichikin canned tuna
はん gohan rice, meal
える moeru burn
パスタ pasuta pasta
突如とつじょ totsujo abruptly, suddenly
出現しゅつげんする shutsugen appear
カルシファー karushifaa Calcifer (from Howl’s Moving Castle)
さっき sakki earlier, just now
説明書せつめいしょ setsumeisho manual
つく tsukuru make
手本てほん tehon model, copybook
kaku write

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