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Tweet of the Week #64: Twitter Warns of New Scam On Mercari

Mercari users beware! Learn how to use the expression 気が付く with this week's viral tweet.

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One simply does not buy stuff online without the risk of payment fraud. But even if you take all the care in the world, a split second is still enough to fall into a scam artist’s net.

Mercari x Paidy = Beware!

Japan’s largest community marketplace app, Mercari, boasts a whopping 14 million monthly users. Wherever you are in Japan, you’re just a finger tap away from finding your new oven and emptying your closet of stuff you don’t need. 

But just like for any other marketplace, you’ve got to be on the lookout for scammers. It’s a painful lesson learned earlier this week by @carjapans5 who warned people of suspicious bills that could come their way after a completed purchase of a product on Mercari. 









#詐欺 #paidy

= Buying a product on Mercari:

I assumed the product was normally delivered and completed my payment on Mercari. 

The next day, a bill came from a home appliance store.

This is a scam to steal money through Mercari, using buyer’s information and ordering products through postage-paid mail order. 

I realized the seller was a criminal. 

This type of scam is really easy to fall into and I’m glad I realized what was happening halfway through. 

Wait a minute, how did that happen? Let’s rewind back a few steps. 

The seller, or more accurately pretending-to-be seller, posted an appealing ad for a brand new piece of unopened merchandise. So far so good for the buyer, believing they’re getting a proper bargain.

They contact the seller and make their purchase thus giving out precious information such as name, address and phone number. This information is enough for Paidy, a payment system that enables customers to pay for their purchases on credit without using a credit card. Payments made through Paidy are settled later at the convenience store. So, it’s an easy way for scammers to purchase items but send the bill to another person to be paid later.

So, to recap, the seller got money for a phone they weren’t actually selling and the buyer ended up with two bills in total. Ouch. 

“To notice” is to be safe

Both the verb 気付きづ and the expression translate as “to notice” or “to realize,” and are interchangeable. That being said the latter has a broader meaning and usage. 

When using the verb 気付く, the thing you noticed or realized, is marked with the particle .

  • 危険きけんに気づきませんでした。= I didn’t realize the danger.

The same goes with the expression 気がつく but in case of a verb, you’ll add こと before .

Verb casual form + ことに気がつく

  • スマホをとしたことに気がつきませんでした。= I didn’t realize I dropped my phone. 

Noun + に気がつく

  • 自分のあやまりに気がつく= To realize one’s mistake

Finally, a good expression to know is よく気が付く as in よく気が付くひと to mean a person who is quick to notice or is attentive. 


Japanese Romaji English
メルカリ Merukari Mercari
商品購入しょうひんこうにゅう shyouhinkounyuu product purchase
無事ぶじ buji ni safely
とど todoku deliver
勘違かんちがいする kanchigai suru jump to a conclusion, misunderstand
支払しはら完了かんりょう shiharai kanryou payment completion
後日ごじつ gojitsu at a later date
家電屋かでんや kadenya home appliance store
請求せいきゅう seikyuu invoice
くる kuru come
購入者こうにゅうしゃ kounyuusha buyer
情報じょうほう jyouhou information
後払あとばら通販つうはん atobarai tsuhan postpaid mail order
らす uketorasu accept
かねぬす kane wo nusumu steal money
手口てぐち teguchi criminal technique, trick
気付きづ kidzuku realize, notice
とき toki ni when
出品者しゅっぴんしゃ shyuppinsha seller
犯人はんにん hannin criminal
詐欺さぎ普通ふつちている sagi ga futsuu ni ochite iru a scam that’s easy to fall into
途中とちゅう tochyuu de on the way
yoi good
危険きけん kiken danger
が付 ki ga tsuku realize, notice, become aware
スマホ sumaho smartphone
とす otosu drop
自分のあやま jibun no ayamari one’s mistake
よく気が付く yoku ki ga tsuku attentive, quick to notice
ひと hito person

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