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Tweet of the Week #65: Napping Cats Have Twitter Meowlting

Learn to speak lolcat in Japanese with this week's viral tweet.

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You never really can get tired of cats on the internet.

PNS: Perfect Nap Spot

Are you ready for some cuteness overload? @mofnekoclub is always on the battlefront to share incredibly heart melting cat images and videos that’ll make you go “aww.”




= I heard the meeting place to take an afternoon nap is here, meow!

So crowded, meow!

We want to take a nap too!



= After a good nap, it’s time for exercise and more exercise!

Let’s go for a walk! 

And what better than taking a stroll in the city after a good rest?

Learn to speak lolcat in Nyapanese

With cats slowly but surely taking over the world, no wonder humans from all around the globe try to speak their language.

So, how do you speak lolcat in Japanese? With a にゃ (Japanese version of meow), strategically placed at the end of a sentence.

わかりましたにゃ= I understood, meow!

ひまだにゃ~= I’m boreeeed.

カメラは、苦手にがてだにゃん= I’m shy with cameras…

You can also play puns by switching a word’s や vowel to にゃ instead. Like with good night, おやすみ, written  “おにゃすみ”.

Here are a few expressions we could get our paws on.

そうにゃ!= That’s right!

そうだにゃ〜 = I think so too.

にゃんだと?!= What did you say?

にゃに?= What?

にゃんてこた?!= What is that?!

にゃんかこわい… = That seems scary…

にゃんかさむい… = It’s kind of cold…

Take note that にゃ can be also be spelled にゃー (you can drag the sound mark ー as long as needed) and にゃん, which is more nasal.

To everyone out there studying Japanese: 頑張がんばらにゃ!!!(Hang in there and do your best!)


Japanese Romaji English
昼寝ひるね hirune afternoon nap
会場かいじょう kaijyou meeting place
ここ koko here
kiku hear
みすぎる komisugiru be too crowded
わかる wakaru understand
ひま hima free but also bored
カメラ kamera Camera
苦手にがて nigate  dislike, have trouble with
おやすみ oyasumi  good night
こわ kowai  scary
さむ samui  cold
頑張がんばら ganbaru  try hard, try one’s best

For more kitty cuteness, try Japan’s kawaii cat-shaped bread that’s taken Instagram by storm. わいいにゃ—! (It’s cuuuute!)

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