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Tweet of the Week #84: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Spend Three Days Catching a Wild Deer

Oh, deer.

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In an ironic twist of fate, the Earth seems to be thriving during the coronavirus pandemic as human activity slowed down. Carbon emissions have decreased and even a jellyfish was spotted swimming through the canals in Venice.

Earlier this week, a wild deer that had returned to civilization in Tokyo made the Japanese police sweat during a three-day hunt. The animal was spotted several times over the past month, wandering around in Adachi Ward, a district located north of central Tokyo.

河川敷かせんじきのシカ捕獲ほかく瞬間しゅんかん 警察けいさつ足立区あだちく職員しょくいん包囲ほうい (20/06/03) 


The moment police and Adachi ward staff surrounded and captured the deer on the riverbed (20/06/03)

While we sympathize with our four-legged friend—lockdown or not, cities aren’t the friendliest place for wildlife. Busy roads, in particular, represent the biggest threat for animals. To avoid any drama, the authorities made several attempts to catch our wannabe Bambi. It took about three days and 30 people from the police and animal control departments to finally get the poor thing to jump into their nets.

Luckily, no one was injured during the hunt and the young male deer has been released into the temporary care of the ward facility for wild animals.

The story made the news and left Tokyo peeps holding their breaths, hoping the deer would be caught and released safely.


(o゚Д゚) 鹿しかさん′オス年齢ねんれい不詳ふしょう 本日ほんじつ午前ごぜん11時半じゅういちじはんぎ逮捕!

河川敷のシカ捕獲の瞬間 2日ににちからいかけようやく2020/06/03 

東京とうきょう・足立区などの河川敷で連日れんじつ目撃もくげきされていたシカは3日さんにち午前9ごろ、足立区の荒川あらかわ河川敷の堀切橋ほりきりばし付近ふきんつかり 区や警視庁けいしちょうの職員がおおきなネットをってかこ


A male deer of unknown age was caught today a little after half past 11am!

Here’s the moment he was captured on June 3, 2020, after being chased on June 2.

The deer, spotted in Tokyo and Adachi ward for several days, was found near the Horikiri Bridge of the Arakawa River in Adachi Ward around 9 a.m. on June 3 where the metropolitan police and ward employees surrounded and caught him in a big net.

What a ‘peaceful’ country

While we’re all thrilled the deer is safe and sound, some folks pointed out that having such a story making the news made Japan sound a little bit too peaceful, all things considered.



Is Japan that peaceful for deer capture to become news?

The coronavirus outbreak forced us to hole up in our homes, unable to go anywhere. But wildlife didn’t get the memo. Or maybe they were just always here, plotting to reclaim urban territories.

Give an example using the conjunction など

The conjunction など translates to “such thing as,” “things like,” but also “etc.” In short, you’re creating a partial list, giving one example of a category of things or actions.

With a noun:

東京・足立区など” = (In places) such as Tokyo, Adachi Ward, etc.

With a dictionary form verb:

週末しゅうまつほんむなど = On the weekend, I read a book and so on…

If you want to give more than one example, like in “A and B, etc.”, then you should use the structure AやBなど

シカやイノシシなどの動物どうぶつが目撃されている = Animals like deer and boars are being spotted.


Japanese Romaji English
河川敷かせんじき kasenjiki riverbed
シカ, 鹿しか shika deer
捕獲ほかく hokaku capture
瞬間しゅんかん shyunkan moment, instant
警察けいさつ keisatsu police
足立区あだちく adachi ku Adachi ward
包囲ほうい houi surround, besiege
年齢ねんれい不詳ふしょう nenrei fushyou age unknown
本日ほんじつ honjitsu today
午前ごぜん gozen morning
から kara from
いかける oikakeru chase down
ようやく youyaku finally
など nado such as, like, etc.
連日れんじつ renjitsu several days
目撃もくげきされる mokugeki sareru be seen, spotted
荒川あらかわ arakawa Arakawa river
堀切橋ほりきりばし horikiribashi Horikiri bridge
付近ふきん fukin near
つかる mitsukaru find
警視庁けいしちょう keisatsuchyou metropolitan police
おおきい ookii big
ネット netto net
motsu hold, have
かこ torikakomu surround
ニュースになる nyuusu ni naru become news
平和へいわ heiwa peace
週末しゅうまつ shyuumatsu ni on the weekend
動物どうぶつ doubutsu animal


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