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Understanding Your TEPCO Electricity Bill

Nobody likes paying your electric bill but with this handy guide at least you will know what you are paying.

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If you are living in Japan, chances are that you receive your monthly electric bill from Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which services Tokyo and other areas around the Kanto region. The TEPCO electric bill is all in Japanese, but fortunately, figuring out the amount owed and paying it is as simple as looking for the largest yen amount on the bill and then going to a convenience store.

Being able to decipher the information on your bill can prove useful, though. You can learn what kind of plan you have, how much you spent the same month last year, and most importantly, the payment due date.

This article will help you understand the most important parts of your TEPCO electric bill.

Below, the contents of each box on the example bill are explained, starting with the item in the upper left corner.

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Box 1: Name

This is fairly straight forward as it contains your name and address.

Box 2: Usage

Box 2 contains information about the usage period.

25年12月分: “Bill for December, 2012”

The Japanese calendar year is used here. This example bill is for Heisei 25, which is 2013.
ご使用期間 11月19日~12月16日: “Billing period: From November 19 to December 16”
検針月日 12月17日: “Date electric meter checked: December 17”
(28日間): “Period of 28 days” (Amount of days included in this bill.)

BOX 3: Amount Used

Box 3 contains information about the amount of electricity used in the billing period.
ご使用量 61kWh: “Amount used: 61kWh”

Box 4: Amount Owing

Box 4 contains a breakdown of how much you owe. If you owe less than 1,000 yen, the bill will be combined with the next month’s bill. If you didn’t use any electricity at all in that month, you’ll be charged half the basic fee.

請求金額 1,819円: “Amount owed: 1,819 yen”
(うち消費税など相当額 86円): “Amount of consumption tax, etc. included: 86 yen.
上記料金内訳: “Breakdown of above amount”
基本料金 546円00銭: “Basic monthly fee: 546 yen 00/100 yen”
電力量料金: “Electric usage fee”
・1段料金 1,152円29銭: “1st tier charge: 1,152 yen 29/100 yen”

For the default contract, electric usage fees are broken up into three tiers, with fees per kWh increasing depending on the kWh used.
・燃料費調整額 97円60銭: “Fuel cost adjustment amount: 97 yen 60/100 yen”
TEPCO uses a system to calculate the amount that should be added or subtracted from your bill to adjust for the fluctuation of the cost of fuel.
再エネ発電賦課金等 24円: “Renewable energy levy, etc.: 24 yen”
This amount is used to support renewable energy sources and is based on your usage.
口座振替割引 -54 円00銭: “Bank transfer discount: -54 yen 00 cents”

Box 5: Contract Infomation

Box 5 contains information about your contract.
ご契約種別 従量電灯B: “Contract Type: Juuryou Dentou B”
TEPCO offers several contract types with different basic fees and usage limits.
ご契約 20A: “Contract 20A”

The Juuryou Dentou B contract allows for usage of up to 20A. You can change your contract to better fit your usage.

Box 6: Electric Meter

Box 6 contains detailed information about your electric meter.

Box 7: Last Year’s Usage

Box 7 will contain information comparing last year’s usage with this year’s usage if you’ve used TEPCO for over a year.

For example: 昨年5月分は33日間で 46kWhです。今月分は1日あたり34%減少しています。
“Last May, you used 46kWh in 33 days. This May, you used 34% less per day than last May.”

Box 8: Fuel Costs

Box 8 contains detailed information about how the fuel cost adjustment is calculated.

Box 9: Due Date

Box 9 contains important dates.

今月分 お支払期限日 1月16日: “Payment due date for this billing period: January 16”
If this date has passed, you can still pay at a convenience store or at a TEPCO service counter.
次回検針予定日 1月18日: “Date of next meter check: January 18”

Box 10: Customer Number

Box 10 is your customer number (お客様番号).

If you don’t have an automatic bank transfer set up, the slip on the right will repeat information such as the payment due date and billing month. The clerk at the convenience store, bank, or post office will stamp this part when you pay.

An automatic bank transfer will get you a small discount, so I highly recommend signing up for it. You can find information about setting up a bank transfer at the TEPCO website. [only in Japanese].

Nobody likes paying utilities, but hopefully this guide has shed a little more light on the contents of the TEPCO electricity bill.

Updated: 7/11/16


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