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Get Behind the Wheel of a Lucrative Career in Japan with Military Auto Source

If you like the sound of being your own boss while supporting those who serve, check out this little-known, high-income position on US military bases in Japan.

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Every year there are thousands of people like you and me navigating the tricky process of finding work in order to turn the dream into a reality and start a life in Japan. Some enter on a working holiday, trusting that the stars will align and they’ll soon find themselves happily ensconced in a studio apartment, freshly laminated zairyu (residence) card in hand. Others go the teaching placement route, applying from overseas and landing fresh off the plane ready to inspire.

Almost all of us will start from an entry-level position, with the nagging inclination that it’s really only a temporary deal. While jobs like these are great and offer lots of opportunity in terms of making international friends and exploring your new home country, the majority provide little room for advancement — especially without higher-level language skills, a Japanese university diploma and previous experience in a Japanese workplace.

So what do you do when, emboldened by the feeling of being a veteran gaikokujin, you want to move up or into something more sustainable, challenging and — in all honesty — better paid?

A unique opportunity with Military Auto Source

Right now on GaijinPot Jobs, there’s a position with real opportunities for advancement, professional development and the chance to support those who serve their country. As an independent sales representative, you can effectively start your own business and be in control of a limitless earning potential, without all of the precarious upfront investment of the average start-up. Instead, you’ll have the full support of a global company behind you.

What is Military Auto Source?

Military Auto Source is an independent automobile retailer which has been providing an exclusive benefit to the overseas U.S. military community for over 50 years. Employees with MAS work independently, out of locally operated offices on U.S. military bases in Japan such as in Yokosuka and Okinawa, and around the world.

Military members stationed overseas often see their circumstances change prior to their return back home to the United States. Sometimes this requires purchasing or replacing a car. This is where MAS comes in, as a better place to buy a car than back in the U.S., with a peace of mind that customers will be in the right car based on their needs and personal situation.

Taking excellent care of the customer is the primary focus of MAS, offering eligible members the best deal possible through overseas military pricing and rebate programs on an auto or motorcycle for delivery back home.

Every day is different

Sales representatives work one on one with customers to build their vehicle and arrange for delivery at a local dealership near their home or next duty station.

A typical day would involve arriving to the office on base around 9 a.m., checking messages from the head office and managing tasks, followed by making calls to current and prospective customers. Late morning through the lunch hour might include staffing an information table or kiosk at the exchange shopping and service area to generate interest and meet new leads, then follow-up calls, e-mailing and checking on customer orders.

Later during afternoon commute time could include another visit to the exchange to meet and educate potential customers about the program. Finishing the day often includes meeting customers in the office to discuss their needs and decide which model works best for them, build their vehicle or finalize their order details.

Fantastic earning potential while supporting those who serve

According to Sam Lynch, Japan Country Manager for Military Auto Source, the five main reasons people choose to work as an independent sales representative are:

  1. It offers the chance to make a significant income while having enough time to enjoy life in Japan.
  2. The working style is a lot of fun. Sales representatives work in an English-speaking environment surrounded by international people who love Japan.
  3. There’s a great sense of camaraderie among representatives. You can work independently while still being part of a team.
  4. There’s an educational aspect to it, with opportunities for personal and professional development.
  5. The potential for additional privileges based on individual circumstances is unique to this position.

Perhaps Yokosuka MAS veteran agent Manny put it best. “The way I see it: you can either serve or support those who serve. This is one of the best ways I can see to do that.”

The way I see it: you can either serve or support those who serve. This is one of the best ways I can see to do that.

What current independent sales representatives have to say

The pay is probably the best part. This place has helped me get out of the rat race and the paycheck-to-paycheck life. I now am going to have a sweet retirement and be able to semi-retire in a few years, and fully maybe as early as 50 — most likely as a millionaire. When I came here I had nothing, so this all started when I was 30. Brian Kramer

To be successful in this job, you must be a self-starter, someone who doesn’t need a manager or boss riding your tail about what to do or not do today, tomorrow or next week. Have a vision on what it’ll take you to succeed in your business and have the tenacity to take action on that vision because nobody else will do it for you! This isn’t easy to do when first starting out but once the ball starts rolling, it pays dividends as long as you don’t stop acting on your vision and plan.  

Words from a man (me) that has never had any sales experience prior to working with Military Auto Source and had never worked a commission-only job until now. And I love what I do! — Tony King

This is not a normal job and it can be volatile, however it will only remain as consistent as how you perform. Being 100 percent accurate and knowing your customers is the key to being successful. Keep away any personal matters, always stay positive and never come into work in a bad mood. Always remember it’s not about you, it’s about the service members. — Paul Ruiz

Find out more and apply

Military Auto Source is a well-regarded company offering full support for its sales team to ensure their success. From using the latest CRM (customer relationship management) programs to leadership development and paid training, MAS could be the hidden gem of an opportunity that only comes along once in awhile. It’s not even necessary to have a U.S. passport; just the drive to be successful and the ability to work independently as part of a larger team. Positions are available across Honshu and Okinawa.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, check the job listing here.

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