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Vegan Events and Festivals in Japan

From Tokyo to Okinawa (sorry Hokkaido!), vegan food festivals are popping up all over Japan.

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Everyone loves a good food festival and vegans and other plant-based foodies are no exception. While Tokyo has the most abundant veggie festival calendar, other cities in Japan also host some great events with plenty of opportunities to eat until you burst and shop for cruelty-free goodies.


Tokyo Vegefood Festa

One of the biggest events on a Tokyo vegan’s social calendar, this event brings in dozens of stalls dedicated to all things vegetarian, vegan and natural. Lots of famous restaurants and food trucks put out stalls, and you will want to come hungry in order to try all the yummy treats available.

Vegan Gourmet Festival

This event is quite excellent, attracting vegan stalls from all across the country to beautiful Kiba Park. Many of the big names in the Japanese vegan scene attend regularly, such as Lima Cafe (who create a special soft serve for the occasion), Loving Hut, Gen Kitchen, Pythagora Sweets and Terra Burgers. If you want to burn off a few calories in order to be able to go for a second round of lunch, there are outdoor yoga classes available throughout the day, too.

  • Where: Kiba Park
  • Website: vegefes.com
  • When: Usually held on a Sunday in early October and late April from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, exact dates change yearly.

Tokyoites are extra lucky, as there are two regularly scheduled markets where vegan goodies are available:

Commune 246

This fun combination of outdoor market/event space is open every day, with a variety of interesting stalls to explore and people to meet. The permanent vegan stall here is Cori. Vegan Foodstand, which is open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. everyday except Mondays and offers solid basics like falafel, salads and other goodies.

Farmer’s Market @UNU

Tokyo’s most famous farmer’s market. If you want organic veggies, fresh juices, artisan bread or pretty crafts, make sure to stop by on Saturday or Sunday. While the stalls change weekly, you are almost certain to find at least a couple purveyors of vegan baked goods and some food trucks with plant-based dishes. Keep an eye out for Terra Burgers and Go Muffins Go, in particular.

If you are looking for more info on vegan must eats in Japan’s capital check out the Tokyo Vegan Guide! It provides reviews of over 50 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants across Tokyo, including price ranges and easy walking directions, as well as compact travel guides and sightseeing recommendations near the restaurants.


Vegan Gourmet Festival

Nope, this is not a typo! The Vegan Gourmet Festival runs events in several cities, including Kyoto. The event here is equally popular, and attracts even more stalls than the one in Tokyo, as the ancient capital is more convenient for many Kansai-based vegan restaurants and shops. If you are attending this year, make a beeline for Patisserie Youpi Youpi’s incredible sweets and Mirai’s impressive vegan sushi.

  • Where: Takaragaike Park
  • Website: vegefes.com
  • When: usually held on a Sunday in mid-November from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(Nov. 12 this year).


Ethical Vegan Fest

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たくさんのご来場者様、出店者様、講演者様、出演者様に支えられ、当協会主催のEthical VEGAN Fest 4th Impactを無事終了させることができました。 当日は好天にも恵まれ1701人の方にご来場頂き誠にありがとうございました。 たくさんの方々に食だけでなく、展示や講演、ライブを通してエシカルヴィーガンとはどうゆうものか体験して頂けたかと思います。 次回のEthical VEGAN Fest 5th Impactは2017/10/15に予定しております。 次回も是非ご来場頂きますよう、よろしくお願い致します。 #evfosaka #vegan #vegetarian #veganfest #osaka #veganosaka #ヴィーガン #ベジタリアン #ベジフェス #大阪

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Started in 2015 by the Ethical Vegan Society of Japan, this event usually hosts smaller businesses and even some stalls run by talented home chefs from the Kansai and Kinki areas. The stalls change yearly, but you can always look forward to an appearance of the tasty bento from Shimane-based Vegan Caffe Nana, as well as excellent tarts and quiche from Coco Natural Café & Deli.


Vegan Gourmet Festival

Famous for its miso katsu cutlets and chicken wings, Nagoya has a been a little slower to welcome vegan businesses than other major cities. However the Vegan Gourmet Festival has held several successful events here as well! This year’s standouts were the tasty sweets from Raw&Raw as well as the curry noodle dishes from the somewhat unfortunately named Pupu Kitchen.


Vegan Fest Fukuoka

A newcomer on the Fukuoka veggie scene, this festival debuted this year on October 14th. While it is still growing, hopefully it will become a regular event in the Kyushu vegan calendar.


Vegan Food Fest

Get a taste of veggie food with an Okinawan twist, with booths offering island goodies like roasted taimo (a type of local potato) as well as tropical smoothies and Ukishima Garden’s famous vegan taco rice. And is there anything better in the world than puppies? At the festival they also hold an animal adoption fair, so maybe you can meet your newest four-footed family member or at least pat some cute dogs while partaking in the foodie delights.

Veganism is really starting to take off in Japan thanks to the efforts of these festival organizers. Hopefully, soon Hokkaido and Shikoku will also host veggie-friendly events, too.

Do you have a favorite vegan or vegetarian-friendly event in your area of Japan? Let us know in the comments!

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