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What it’s Like to Stay Overnight at Tokyo DisneySea

Japan has the world's only in-park Disney hotel!

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The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta is currently the world’s only hotel inside a Disney theme park. There are twelve international Disney parks and many more official and unofficial hotels. Still, the Miracosta is uniquely positioned inside the ticket gates at Tokyo DisneySea. You’ll pass through a tunnel right under it on your way into the park’s central harbor from the entrance plaza, where the fountain globe, the Aquasphere, acts as a popular photo op.

With Japan’s borders now reopened to individual foreign tourists, here’s what to expect if you’re thinking about booking your own stay on-site at this one-of-a-kind Disney hotel.

A room with a view

The view from your room at Hotel Miracosta.

My wife and I stayed at the Hotel Miracosta as a second honeymoon after spending our first at the world’s oldest hotel in Yamanashi a few years ago. It was a memorable experience that enabled us to sleep overnight in DisneySea, see inside the park after it was closed and even watch a new harbor show rehearsal from our balcony before its public debut.

Securing a balcony room was tricky. One thing worth keeping in mind about the Miracosta is that most of its luxurious, Italian-themed rooms don’t have windows that open all the way. You can crack them open and hear DisneySea’s music and park sounds, but we really wanted the open-air “Porto Paradiso” view. Balcony and terrace rooms, however, aren’t often available through the resort’s English website.

They seem to set aside rooms of that type for Vacation Package holders, so I booked a package. However, it basically meant paying double the same hotel price (once for each person). The Miracosta is spread out, though, with the standard, hotel-only options offering plenty of other rooms with views of its Venice and Tuscany sides.

Ideal location with entry perks

Skip the nighttime rush when your room is a few minutes away.

The Miracosta has its special park entrance that allows you to pass straight from the hotel into DisneySea after the morning rush. This is particularly convenient at the end of the night or if you get tired walking around the park during the day. When you need a siesta or have pre-ordered room service for dinner, you can go back and forth between DisneySea and your hotel room as you please.

Staying at the Miracosta or any of the other official Disney hotels, including the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the Disney Ambassador Hotel, the new Toy Story Hotel or the less expensive Celebration Hotel, also comes with the benefit of “Happy Entry” passes.

These will let you enter DisneySea and/or Tokyo Disneyland (depending on your hotel) fifteen minutes early in the morning before the parks open to non-hotel guests.

It’s an especially useful perk to get a head start on the most in-demand rides since Tokyo Disney Resort suspended its Fastpass system in 2020. Only two DisneySea attractions, Soaring: Fantastic Flight and Toy Story Mania!, are available as Premier Access (or paid Fastpass) experiences through the Tokyo Disney Resort app.

Luxury hotel prices

Dine above the normies.

Rooms at the Miracosta don’t come cheap. This is a luxury hotel, so expect to pay upwards of ¥50,000 a night. Since the yen is so weak now against the U.S. dollar, it was worth it to pay extra for the Vacation Package and deluxe-type balcony room.

Suppose you can navigate the Japanese website (Google Translate helps) and get your non-Japanese credit card to work (mine did). In that case, the booking process should be relatively straightforward. But again, it’s not strictly necessary to go that route, as the resort has an English reservations website with more affordable hotel options.

Rooms are available to book three months in advance and tend to fill up quickly. Another thing to remember before committing to a reservation is the unpredictability of the weather. For example, we hoped to watch the nightly fireworks from our balcony at the Miracosta. Still, it was canceled due to windy conditions. We did, however, watch a beautiful sunset and sunrise over DisneySea, gaze out over the park while it was both empty and crowded, and use the exclusive fifth-floor lounge.

Restaurants and shows

Meet your neighbor.

The Hotel Miracosta holds three restaurants: Oceano, Silk Road Garden, and the BellaVista Lounge, the latter having a nice view of Mediterranean Harbor and DisneySea’s central volcano landmark, Mount Prometheus. Oceano—which serves Mediterranean cuisine and has an all-you-can-eat buffet—also offers terrace viewing of harbor shows. This is an excellent way to get that open-air view even without a hotel reservation.

Many rooms on the hotel’s Porto Paradiso side overlook the harbor. You could watch seasonal shows or the new nighttime spectacular, “Believe! Sea of Dreams,” from your room. After the park closed and became a ghost town for maintenance trucks, I was literally standing in my bathrobe on our balcony, watching the “Believe!” show rehearsed with pyrotechnics and projection mapping on the hotel side.

DisneySea has a second in-park hotel on the way. It will be in the new Fantasy Springs area, the opening of which was recently delayed a year from 2023 to 2024. Whether you wait for it to open or splurge now on the Hotel Miracosta, occupying your own room inside a Disney park overnight is an experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Have you stayed at the Miracosta or one of the other official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels? Share your own TDR experience in the comments.

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