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What You Can Study at a Vocational School in Japan

Vocational schools are a great way to start a career in Japan, but what fields of study are available? Graphic design, architecture, fashion, tourism, videogames and more—learn all about what Akademeia 21st Century can offer.

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Living in Japan as a foreigner can be tough, but building a career here can be even tougher. Luckily, Japan has vocational schools where you can grow your skills in a chosen field and prepare to launch yourself into your next job. One of GaijinPot Study’s partners, Akademeia 21st Century, has created a new style of learning that goes beyond the vocational schools of the past.

Akademeia 21st Century has five schools in Tokyo: Tokyo Designer Gakuin, Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo School of Business, Tokyo Institute of Tourism and Tokyo Cool Japan. In addition, they have locations in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Lessons are all taught in Japanese (N2 Level), so it’s an excellent way to dive headfirst into mastering your Japanese skills while learning new skills to accelerate your career. However, Akademeia 21st Century also has programs to improve your Japanese if you’re not quite N2 yet.

Let’s briefly explore each program and see what fantastic career paths await you.

Graphic, Product, Architecture and Interior Design

Learn architecture and design in the heart of Tokyo.

Akademeia 21st Century’s design school has over 60 years of history and experience, yet it has constantly evolved to match the industry. Their curriculum is practical and fueled by experience while still adapting to trends, aiming to nurture designers who understand the art and the business.

Being a student in one of Akademeia 21st Century’s design fields also nets you access to events like the annual Designer’s Audition, where over 200 companies and production houses can evaluate your work. You could even be recruited on the spot. And, of course, their facilities have access to all the cutting-edge equipment you want.

Fashion, Make-Up, Photography, Music and Lighting

Is fashion your calling?

Students are encouraged to collaborate in Akademeia 21st Century’s “Fashion Design, Special Effect Make-up” and “Photography, Videography, Music & Lighting” fields. For example, if you’re studying broadcasting and want to do a dance show, the students in the dance department can help you. Some of these fields are available at Tokyo Visual Arts.

That’s an opportunity to work together to create amazing art and network with potential stars. They even have a high-definition digital studio, so you can experience what working in the real thing is like. Plus, their 400-person media hall features a professional-grade PA system.

Business and IT

Thinking about changing careers?

Are you interested in diving into the business world? Consider exploring the “Business, IT & AI” field at Akademeia 21st Century. It’s not just about information technology and artificial intelligence; they offer specialized programs such as pet business management and a three-year animal nursing course.

Students in the “Business, IT & AI” field consistently achieve high pass rates on various certification exams, even those considered challenging for Japanese test-takers. Some students have passed more than ten exams, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in preparing individuals for diverse professional challenges.

Hotel, Travel and Tourism

Discover all kinds of industries related to tourism.

Considering hotels or tourism? Explore Akademeia 21st Century’s “Hotel, Travel and Tourism” field for an immersive experience in the Japanese hospitality industry. The school provides unique facilities, including a hotel room (right on campus!), a travel agency counter and even a full-scale aircraft cabin, making your learning experience a real-world practice.

Within this field are diverse departments such as the hotel, tourism business, and bridal service. Their “Industry-Akademeia Collaboration Program” sets Akademeia apart, allowing students to gain practical training at real hotels, domestically and overseas, and major travel agencies.

Manga, Anime and Videogames

Turn your passion into a career!

Explore the exciting “Manga, Anime and Game” field at Akademeia 21st Century, where the real fun begins! If you’re a gamer, the games department offers diverse programming, writing, graphic design and more majors, complemented by courses catering to eSports enthusiasts. Also, their animation and voice acting department provides a nurturing environment to fuel your creativity and thrive in the industry.

As a student, you’ll be able to attend events like the Tokyo Game Show, allowing you to showcase games you’ve created. Recognizing the significance of showing work in creative industries, Akademeia 21st Century organizes portfolio exhibitions. These events provide a platform for you to display your work to companies and receive direct advice from industry professionals. Notably, in the realm of manga, it’s worth mentioning the achievements of their alumni, including Hajime Isayama, the renowned mangaka (comic author) of Attack on Titan.

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Interested in learning more about Akademeia 21st Century? Check out the school pages linked above and send GaijinPot Study an inquiry. They will happily help answer your questions or start an application. Online open campus events are also frequently held, so you can get a free taste of their classes and speak with their teachers directly. Whatever program you’re interested in or want to study in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya or Fukuoka, Akademeia 21st Century is here for you.

Remember that courses start each April, so reaching out early is best to learn your options!

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