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What You Need to Know About Japanese Visa Professionals

Learn about the different lawyers you will need to secure a visa in Japan.

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When you are planning to apply for a working visa in Japan, the first step is to apply for a document called “Certificate of Eligibility”. This document provides your eligibility information on your status with regards to working and entering into Japan. The certificate must be applied for through the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan and should be submitted to the immigration counter at the airport.

Therefore, you need to ask your inviting party or a specialist like a solicitor or an immigration lawyer to prepare the necessary documents for the application. The specialists in Japan are called “Shinsei Toritsugi Gyoseishoshi” (申請取次行政書士) or approved Gyoseishoshi lawyers, who are entitled to prepare your application, to collect supporting documents, and to submit all the required documents on behalf of their clients.

If you would like to stay in Japan for a longer duration than the originally permitted period, you will need to extend your stay. Moreover, when you want to change your job and move into a different career, you will also need to change your status of residence. In either of the cases, a load of paper work is essential and accurate and consistent information should be provided to the authority.

There are approved attorney lawyers, “Bengoshi” (弁護士) to provide a support for your visa issues and your status problems during your stay in Japan. The attorneys are entitled to apply for a suspension of execution to the court when you are taken into custody to a detention center or when you are about to be deported to your home country by the immigration bureau. The Bengoshi are also allowed to file a law suit against the authority about their decision on your status in Japan.

The Bengoshi are also allowed to file a law suit against the authority about their decision on your status in Japan.

The approved Gyoseishsohi lawyers give you pinpoint advice and support you prepare all the documents required for your visa application, whereas the Bengoshi mostly take care of your status related problems, which might lead to a court case.


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  • Cora Stathams says:

    Informative ideas ! BTW , people are looking for a IRS 1041 , my family discovered a fillable document here http://goo.gl/ItiVxB

  • harbert says:

    hallo., can i know your email address. now i living in japan. i want to ask for visà japan and bengoshi. thank you in advance

  • Millzz says:

    Excuse me but can you tell me what “suspension of execution to the court” means exactly? I’m a teenager(17) who wants to move to Japan in the future(around 24 or 25 after university).

    • Yuko Mori says:

      “Suspension of Execution” means, in this context, to suspend the order
      of forced detention or forced repatriation given by the Minister of Justice.



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