Win a Trip to Japan Video Entries

On April 29, 2016

Here’s a few more picks of the video entries for our Win a Trip to Japan competition in partnership with Japan Airlines. Search hashtag #gaijinpottravel to see all of the submissions so far.

The competition ends in two days! Submit your video by April 30th for your chance to win a whirlwind 14-day tour of Japan with the JAL Explorer Pass, which lets you travel within Japan for a mere 10,800 yen.

Grant Uchida

YouTuber Grant Uchida loves cosplay and wants to inspire, entertain and educate his subscribers by sharing his adventures in Japan. (He also needs help cleaning out his garage).


Charlotte from the UK is a student fascinated by the history, culture and traditions of Japan – not to mention the food. We like her cute artwork.


Potter Joel visited Japan right before his record-breaking pottery throw win. He’s looking for inspiration for his next line of world-class pottery mugs. We’d buy one.


Cameraman and photographer Jakub’s funny submission shows a proper appreciation for Japanese food…and food.


Matcha-addict and former exchange student Anna misses the smell of tatami (yes, we agree!) and wants to show people the Japan she loves.


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