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Win a trip to Japan!

Experience the 24-hour noise and neon of Tokyo, eat okonomiyaki in the street food capital of Osaka, discover history in the cosmopolitan port city of Nagasaki and sun yourself in the tropical paradise of Amami-Oshima.

GaijinPot, in partnership with Japan Airlines, is offering one lucky traveler a chance to visit Japan!

The winner will spend 14 days in Japan and travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki and Amami-Oshima with the JAL Explorer Pass while documenting his or her adventures for GaijinPot.

Hotels, transport and sightseeing costs will all be covered and there will be a GaijinPot Travel Ambassador on hand to provide support throughout the trip.

To apply you must:

  • Be able to speak and write in English
  • Be over the age of 21
  • Be willing to appear in videos and photographs for GaijinPot articles
  • Be able to stay in Japan for 14 days
  • Be a passport holder (validity of more than 6 months)
  • Be able to obtain a Japanese Visa
  • Bring necessary digital equipment to document your trip

Selection Process:

Step 1 – Video

  • Create a short, 30-second video and tell us why you want to visit Japan
  • Post your video online with the hashtag #gaijinpottravel
  • Points will be given for creativity, style, engagement and personality!
  • Upload your video to your own YouTube channel and submit the URL using the application form (please make sure the post is public)
  • The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2016 (JST)

Step 2 –  Skype Interview

  • GaijinPot editorial staff will conduct a 15-minute Skype interview with the finalists
  • A winner will be notified shortly afterward
  • The winner must be able to travel to Japan between June 10 and June 30

Winner Travel Itinerary:

  • The winner will spend a total of 14 days in Japan
  • The winner will have four guided days with the GaijinPot Travel Ambassador
  • GPlusMedia will cover all hotel, travel and attraction costs


  • GPlusMedia will publish a minimum of four (4) articles about this trip
  • The winner’s trip will be documented and featured in those four articles

Submissions are now closed

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their video. We’re very excited by all the creative and interesting entries we received. The GaijinPot staff are now going through each video and will contact those that qualify for the second round Skype interview.