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A Taste of Europe at the World Beer Museum

Drink your way around the world at the World Beer Museum.

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Home to a large number of Michelin star restaurants, food in Tokyo is not something to be overlooked. They claim some of the world’s best sushi, ramen, and seafood dishes. However, there is a niche market of high quality European food and drink that is overlooked.

The World Beer Museum and Restaurant is a great place to start if you’re in search of Tokyo’s tastes of the West. This museum plus restaurant is a fun way to enjoy dishes from around Europe and North America, while sampling some of the world’s most popular beers.

Their sales pitch is not all about the food, either. The seats overlooking Tokyo’s Solamachi are the most coveted, while the indoor seating offers a refreshing picture of life outside of Asia. Not to mention this restaurant is nestled on the 7th floor parallel to the world-famous “Tokyo Skytree,” and is a great place to stop while you’re waiting for your front row seats on the Skytree elevator.

The Museum

Where else in Tokyo can you sample over 150 beers from around the world? The World Beer Museum offers each of these for sale, and a notably lower price than buying at the table.

The origin countries of their most prized beers include Germany, UK, Czech Republic, USA, and Belgium. Each of these countries and more includes dozens of various brews, giving even the most experienced connoisseur some new flavors.

The museum also showcases these beverages in the form of art, stacking each bottle on the other to catch your eye. Regardless of the restaurant’s line for a table, you’ll have plenty to look at while you’re waiting.


The Restaurant

The restaurant creators went all out when designing this place. From the ambiance to the setting, the World Beer Restaurant is designed to give the guest a feeling of actually being in Europe. When entering, you have a choice of eating outside or in; and if the weather permits, outside is the best way to get the whole experience.

Once you are seated on the outdoor patio, you can enjoy the incredible view overlooking the city. It gives you a taste of what’s to come if you’re planning on experiencing Tokyo’s Skytree after your meal.

In the spirit of Tokyo’s costumed servers, your waiter or waitress will be dressed in old-style German clothing, which may or may not be like the real thing. Also, they keep a large percentage of the wait staff European, which adds to the stereotypical yet realistic feel of the restaurant.

The Food and Beer

From American cheeseburgers and buffalo wings to German sausage and sauerkraut, this place has it all. The taste and cooking method of the dishes seem very close to authentic, which is a notable contrast from some of Japan’s other attempts at Western cooking.

The restaurant’s recommendation includes a “beer set,” containing 5 beers from countries famous for their brews. This is a great way to get a smaller sized taste of each and compare samplings from around the world. In addition, they offer 15 types of draft alongside their museum’s drinks, giving more than enough options to choose from.

One cool aspect of drinking here is the actual bars themselves. Inside the restaurant, you’ll find unique bars each designed to replicate one of the 5 famous brewing countries. They might even take you back to your home country, nostalgia style.

The World Beer Museum and Restaurant is a Western experience waiting to happen. Check out the museum and shop for souvenirs, try some of the food you’ve been missing, and Kampai!


Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
1-1-2 Oshiage Sumida-Ku Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree Town, Solamachi 7F

From Tokyo Station > Oshiage Station; 20 minutes, ¥340, take exit B3

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  • Philipp Kubín says:

    Ježek (hedgehog) is not very good czech beer…. :X

  • Frido says:

    Didn’t know that Berlin counts as an extra country. This must be a “geo-beeric” topic I’ve missed in my “beer-ological” studies.

    Best regards,
    Fridolin of “Beerlin”, Germany

  • Iwa2099 says:

    In your sentence: “The origin countries of their most prized beers include Germany, UK, Czech Republic, USA, and Berlin.”

    Don’t you mean Belgium in stead of Berlin? The beer on right in the picture is Belgian’s Brugse Zot.




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